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Each week our Knowledge Specialists summarize the top articles in 5 Cups of Morning Coffee below!

Optimizing Mobile’s Role in the Marketing Mix: Findings from 100+ Studies

Apr 13, 2015

Vassilis Bakopoulos, Head of Industry Research for the Mobile Marketing Association, and Rex Briggs, CEO of Marketing Evolution, presented the strong positive impact mobile marketing has on the brand-consumer relationship.  

Understanding and Countering Ad Avoidance

Apr 13, 2015

Duane Varan, Ph.D., CEO of MediaScience presented the Ad Receptivity framework.  He emphasized that the need to understand ad receptivity is increasing in importance. Environmental factors that impact how consumers experience an ad require more attention.

Winning World Cup 2014 Engagement

Apr 13, 2015

Gabriel Aleixo, Managing Director at BrainJuicer, Latin America, and Flavio Marcondes, Knowledge & Insights Team Lead at Coca-Cola, Brazil, described how Coca-Cola was able achieve the highest level of emotional engagement and become the top brand associated with the FIFA World Cup.  

How’s the Fit? Wearables as a Research Aid

Apr 13, 2015

Tom Ewing, Content Director at BrainJuicer Labs, discussed the potential of wearable devices as tools for research.  Among the benefits provided:

Stop Targeting a Screen — Start Targeting a Journey

Apr 13, 2015

Neha Bhargava, Manager of Advertising Research at Facebook, and Dan Chapsky, Data Scientist at Facebook, discussed consumer online purchasing behavior.  Cross-device behavior frequently occurred, which underscored the importance of understanding such behavior when creating and measuring marketing campaigns.