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Mobile Accounts for a Third of Global Ecommerce Sales

Dec 15, 2014

Mobile now accounts for 30% of eCommerce transactions globally, according to a new report from Criteo. Among the trends highlighted:

The Elusive Millennial Male

Dec 15, 2014

Research from Nielsen reveals insights into Millennial males, a group often perceived as elusive to marketers:

Email Preferred for Brand-Consumer Communications

Dec 15, 2014

Survey results from MessageSystems highlighted in Media Research Brief suggest that email is consumers’ preferred method of communication with brands. This was true for both initiating communication with brands on non-emergency customer service issues, as well as receiving special offers or coupons.

US Remains Most Valuable Nation Brand

Dec 15, 2014

Brand Finance’s annual report confirms that the US remains the world’s most valuable nation brand. The report, which was highlighted in Research, looks at the impact a country’s reputation and image has on governments, investors, students, and consumers. China, Germany, UK, and Japan round out the top five. 

Streaming Cannibalizes TV Viewing, But Not Ad Dollars

Dec 15, 2014

CBS research unveiled last week suggests that streaming on Netflix and other services has started to cannibalize TV. The study found that households with Netflix watch significantly less traditional television than homes without Netflix.