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Benchmarks for Sales Performance

Jan 20, 2015

A paper in the Journal of Advertising Research proposes sales and advertising build benchmarks which can be used to estimate long-term performance. The author notes that these methods are not meant to replace comprehensive marketing mix modeling, but they can serve as simpler, faster way of gauging whether a product is on-track to meet its […]

Depth is More Effective than Reach

Jan 20, 2015

Millward Brown Data reported in Admap reveals that “a reach strategy yielded a 2.1% brand impact, while a depth strategy returned a figure of 2.6%… Depth strategies drive the effects of advocacy and brand video-sharing, but the authors conceded that much depended on the quality of the creative.”

Mobile Web Isn’t Dead

Jan 20, 2015

While analytics firms say that 85% of users time on mobile is spent on apps instead of Web browsers, an article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that according to the IAB “what looks like app time may be mobile web use in disguise.” A Harris Poll revealed that “52% of smartphone owners in that […]

And Neither is Ethical Consumerism (It Just Needs Better Marketing)

Jan 20, 2015

While market share for sustainable brands may not always be as high as other brands, current sales are not “the best barometer for ethical sentiment”, according to an article in Harvard Business Review. “Decades of research in psychology and economics establishes that people often want something different in the short term (e.g., chocolate cake) versus the […]

‘Actual’ Friends on FB and Other Social Media Insights

Jan 20, 2015

Pew’s latest Social Media Update revealed that: While Facebook users reported a median of 155 ‘Facebook friends’, they said only 50 of those were considered ‘actual’ friends.Twitter sees growth across specific demos, including: males, whites, and those ages 65 and older.