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How to Effectively Connect With Consumers in Their “Content Cocoons”

Aug 31, 2015

Pat LaPointe, Executive Vice President at Resonate and ARF Board member, analyzes the challenges faced by marketers trying to connect with digital consumers in this Advertising Age article. Many digital marketing campaigns are based upon the premise that consumers like personalized ads, and that such personalized ads make marketing and advertising more relevant.  However, consumers […]

Challenges and Opportunities of Measurements in Mobile

Aug 31, 2015

As spending increasingly moves to mobile platforms, there is a critical need to accurately and independently evaluate audiences, media, and advertising. Joe Nguyen, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at comScore, analyzes the need for measurement in order to maintain trust and encourage growth in mobile media. The author reminds readers that measuring mobile is especially […]

Multicultural Marketing to Become Mainstream in a Millennial World

Aug 31, 2015

Yuyu Chen, writing for ClickZ, highlights the reasons why effective multicultural marketing to Millennials has become increasingly critical to many companies.  Both the spending power and the demographics of African-American, Asian-American and Hispanic Millennials have made it critical to connect with these consumers. Among the brands that have been building connections with multicultural Millennials according […]

Big Data: Too Many Answers, Not Enough Questions

Aug 31, 2015

In this Forbes article, Bernard Marr reminds readers that data on its own is meaningless. To avoid drowning in data, and for data to be useful, marketers must first know what data is needed.  Otherwise, too much data will obscure the needed answers. Marr stresses the importance of starting with a strategy and identifying the […]

10 Amazing Out-of-Home Campaigns

Aug 31, 2015

The large quantity of ads in urban environments can be challenging for marketers.  However, the creative out-of-home advertising demonstrated by the brands highlighted in this article enables them to stand out. The author’s favorite out-of-home campaign discussed in this Designer Daily article is a Simpsons movie ad that appeared at the bottom of an escalator […]