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A Solid Content Marketing Strategy is Critical to the Success of the Overall Marketing Strategy

Apr 20, 2015

David Kirkpatrick, shares ideas for content marketing on the MarketingSherpa Blog.  Both consumers and B2B prospects are doing most of their own research.  B2B prospects are getting 80% down the pipeline before contacting a salesperson. Kirkpatrick emphasizes that content marketing is not about selling a company, a product or a service.  It is about becoming […]

New Product Launch Plans Impacted by Social Media

Apr 20, 2015

Joan Schneider, CEO of Schneider Associates, discusses the impact that social media has had on the launch of new products, services, businesses, and communities in a Harvard Business Review article. Based on research published by Schneider Associates, the 2014 Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey, the media plan for a new product launch must carefully […]

Should Spanish or English Be Used in Social Media Campaigns Targeting the Hispanic Consumer?

Apr 20, 2015

Susan Kuchinskas writing for Portada Online considers the viewpoints of marketers targeting Hispanics via social media. Among her conclusions are that marketers must understand the levels of acculturation and the influencers when making the decision on language for the campaign. Among the points made by the marketers in this article: -Bilingual many not mean equally […]

Instagram Content Helps Brands Maintain Strong Engagement

Apr 20, 2015

L2 examines the Instagram activity of 250 major brands in nine categories in its second annual Instagram Intelligence Report.  This report reveals that Instagram content, rather than audience size or posting frequency helps brands to maintain strong engagement with consumers. Factors which contribute to stronger engagement include: -Posting a variety of content, such as lifestyle […]

Omnichannel Marketing

Apr 20, 2015

Perry Simpson, Digital Content Coordinator at the Direct Marketing News, provides clarification between the marketing concepts: cross-channel, integrated, multichannel and omnichannel. While omnichannel marketing is the preferred approach for marketing campaigns, often the campaigns are not truly omnichannel.  Omnichannel campaign require a customer-centric approach to marketing, and the customer data must provide insights into each […]