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Listen First!: A Workshop for Creating Sustainable Business Advantage

ARF Workshops

Are you hearing these things? We are.

  • “We’re doing some listening, but it’s hard to know what to do with it.”
  • “Listening is only good for customer service and image problems.”
  • “If we didn’t listen, we would be lost.”

In response to these questions and challenges, we have developed a Listening Workshop grounded in proven approaches and practices to help guide our members and the industry with sustainable, straightforward, and actionable listening techniques.

A recent Listening Workshop participant from a global beverage brand returned to her home office after an express (2-hour) workshop, and trained her colleagues on one of the analytical techniques demonstrated during the session. She wrote us a couple of days later:

“I just tried the Insight Consequence Analysis technique I learned with one of our test beverages, and was amazed at the insights I was able to glean in a very short amount of time. Thanks so much for passing along this knowledge.”

ARF’s Listening Workshops

Listening Workshops are grounded in five areas. These equip you with easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply, and easy-to-explain frameworks that enable you and your organization to:

  • Understand what listening is—it’s more than words­—and why listening is a long-term strategic imperative.
  • Recognize the five categories of listening solutions and match their capabilities to your needs.
  • Learn about listening research and the critical elements that contribute to high quality research.
  • Identify the consequences of change and think through the implications in a systematic way.
  • Propose and explore business opportunities and develop strategic options from the implications.

Session Formats

Listening Workshops are offered in three formats, depending on your specific goals:

1. Express two-hour session

  • Best for: introduction and overview
  • Topics: all topics, with a focus on explanation and key concerns
  • Experience: lecture, with a short hands-on component
  • Outcomes: familiarity and high-level learning

2. Half-day training

  • Best for: training staff who are, or will be, tasked with listening in a specific department, or who belong to a cross-functional team
  • Topics: all topics, presented with more detail than the two-hour session
  • Experience: workshop, combining lecture with several integrated hands-on exercises, breakouts, reports, and critiques
  • Outcomes: working understanding of listening techniques

3. Full-day customized strategy workshop

  • Best for: brands that have committed to listening, have resources in place, and want to maximize listening’s contribution to meeting brand, department, or organizational objectives
  • Topics: customized to specific brand needs
  • Experience: deep involvement of brand and/or cross-functional team on specific issues, designed with internal information.
  • Outcomes: objectives and strategies for increasing listening’s business contributions
  • Fees to be determined by the scope of engagement


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