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Previously Hosted Sessions:


Building a Differentiated Customer Marketing Strategy

Dr. V. Kumar, Chair Professor of Marketing, and Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Brand & Customer Management, J. Mack Robinson College of Business, Georgia State University
JP Bewley, Vice President, Global Marketing Strategy, Acxiom

Marketing departments seek to create more profitable, customer-centric programs that deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time. To do this effectively, they must continuously learn more about their customers’ preferences, dislikes and predilections in order to tailor promotions that capture their attention, with the ultimate goal of nurturing profitable customer relationships that last a lifetime. Today’s organizations must build differentiated marketing and customer management strategies that blend the right mix of traditional and new media to increase marketing ROI that impacts profits, loyalty and brand.

Join our seminar with the highly published and Fortune 500 business educator, Dr. V. Kumar and Acxiom's JP Bewley to learn how to build strong, customer-centric, marketing strategies and get answers to questions, such as:

  • How can an organization engage their customers by timing the right offer to the right customer?
  • How should an organization decide which customers receive which message?
  • What metrics should an organization use to base customer acquisition and retention strategies?
  • Should organizations encourage customers to shop in multiple channels despite the fear and risk of cannibalization?
  • How can an organization recognize customers who are likely to stop buying from it and prevent them from leaving?
  • How does one optimize the right media mix to market with maximum effectiveness?

Tough Business Questions: Finding Answers in Social Media

Converseon, a leading provider of social media intelligence solutions and ARF’s Steve Rappaport, author of Listen First!, will team up for an interactive session exploring new ways to answer business questions with social media data and analysis.

Social media offers a wealth of insights for the market researcher who is ready to look beyond sentiment and basic listening tool metrics and connect more deeply to target market behaviors, feelings, and needs.

This session will feature a case study format answering six tough business questions via social media research metrics and techniques. Questions will relate to:

Brand Health

  • What values or personality traits do consumers most often associate your brand or product with?
  • How do customers and potential customers feel about your brand or product?

Consumer Insights

  • Where are your consumers in the purchase decision process when they post online?
  • What are your product’s potential unmet needs or untapped applications?

Competitive Intelligence

  • Why do consumers buy your product over competitors’?
  • What are your competitors doing well?

At the end of the presentation, we will open the floor and encourage participants to contribute their own research questions. One of the questions submitted during the interactive group brainstorm will be selected for a complimentary custom research report created by Converseon.

Participants will gain:

  • Concrete examples of how other businesses in a variety of industries have used social media data to uncover actionable information
  • A solid understanding of how to drive competitive advantage via social media research
  • The opportunity to discuss best practices with peers from a range of industries

Presented by:
Jasper Snyder – VP, Social Insights, Converseon
Will Bottinick – Manager, Social Insights, Converseon
Christi Eubanks – Senior Manager, Social Insights, Converseon
Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF

Lean forward: Measuring and Understanding the Influence of Social TV

Traditional lean-back TV entertainment has been augmented in recent years by the lean-forward platforms of social media, with an increase in diverse and often minute-by-minute viewer commentary. Crimson Hexagon, the premiere platform for social media analysis, and Harmony Institute, an independent research organization dedicated to revealing the impact of entertainment, have partnered to provide nuanced analysis and greater understanding of the relationship between TV viewing and social media, and entertainment's influence on today's most popular and pressing social issues.

Presenters will include:
Wayne St. Amand – Vice President of Marketing, Crimson Hexagon
Clint Beharry – 2011-12 Graham Technology Fellow, Harmony Institute
Eleanor Cleverly – Assistant Director, Harmony Institute
Sheila Seles – Director of Digital and Social Media, ARF

Wayne St. Amand – Vice President of Marketing, Crimson Hexagon

Wayne St. Amand is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of significantly accelerating the growth trajectory and valuation of technology businesses. At Crimson Hexagon, St. Amand is responsible for driving business expansion through the company’s global corporate and product marketing efforts. Most recently, St. Amand was the director of marketing for ExaGrid Systems, a fast-growing, multi-award-winning developer of advanced data storage and back-up appliances. Before ExaGrid, St. Amand ran Electronic Vaulting product marketing for Iron Mountain (NYSE: IRM), helping to grow the product line from $12 million to $100+ million in revenues. Prior to Iron Mountain, he managed product marketing as well as corporate communications for Connected Corporation, a provider of PC data protection services and software, which was acquired by Iron Mountain in 2004 for $120 million. Prior to Connected, St. Amand managed global corporate communications for SilverStream Software, helping the company navigate a successful IPO (NASD: SSSW) and an acquisition by Novell in 2002 for $212 million. Earlier in his career, St. Amand led successful communications campaigns for a number of well-known technology companies including HP, Motorola and Texas Instruments, while working for several of the Boston area’s most influential marketing services firms. He holds a B.S., with honors, in Communications and Marketing from Boston University’s College of Communication.

Clint Beharry – 2011-12 Graham Technology Fellow, Harmony Institute

Clint Beharry is a recent MFA Interaction Design graduate from the School of Visual Arts in NYC, where he designed and developed software and hardware prototypes for applications in psychology, sensory immersion, and data visualization. Prior to graduate school, Beharry designed for print, mobile, and web; developed front-end websites and back-end web applications; and received commissions for visual art. His clients include Gamelab, The Philip Johnson Glass House, and Maventy Health International. He has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Miami.

Eleanor Cleverly – Assistant Director, Harmony Institute

Eleanor Cleverly supplements the research and consulting services of HI with a master’s in Media Studies from the New School University. Her graduate research focused on the persuasive quality of narrative, and innovative approaches to evaluation and data visualization for the social sciences. She has authored two of HI's recent case studies, an entertainment evaluation of the 2010 feature-length documentary Waiting For "Superman," and the 2011 original MTV movie (DIS)CONNECTED. In 2009, she authored FTW! Net Neutrality For The Win: How Entertainment and the Science of Influence Can Save Your Internet.

Sheila Seles – Director of Digital and Social Media, ARF

Sheila Murphy Seles is currently the Director of Digital and Social Media at the ARF, and prior to that, she served as the Research Project Manager at the ARF. Sheila organizes several ARF projects, including the ARF's digital initiatives and the NeuroStandards Project. A former ARF intern, Sheila recently received a master's degree from MIT's Comparative Media Studies Program where she was a researcher with the Convergence Culture Consortium. Keep up with her on Twitter @shelila.

View the MediaPost article about this Thought Leader Seriers here:
Hex Factor - ARF Forum Showcases New Social TV Analytics Platform, Offers Brand Insights Too


Emerging Research Methods

Accurate measurement of word of mouth and other moment to moment consumer behaviors continues to challenge marketers. With the advent of more robust mobile devices such as the iPad, which sold more than 3 million units in its first 80 days on market, reaching people on the fly has become even more possible, and more important.

We suggest that mobile devices and new technologies to more accurately measure the impact of word of mouth have the potential of being the ultimate relationship tool: these modes are personal, deliver a one-to-one communication with mass market efficiencies and are capable of distributing timely messages. Additionally, these types of marketing programs provide measurable results.

Kristin Luck, President, Decipher will kick off this event with an overview of emerging measurement tools and techniques.

Featuring Industry Experts: Ed Keller, CEO, Keller Fay Group & Rachel Swanson, Associate Director, Conde Nast will present: Calculating the “Social Value” of Print Media Audiences Discover new ways to think about magazines as a way to generate consumer influencers’ word of mouth. We know that influences engage in more conversations than the average consumer. But how much economic impact comes from these conversations? Come hear the results of an innovative study by Conde Nast and the Keller Fay Group, featuring a proprietary conversation tracking system developed by Decipher, that applies an economic model to quantify the true word of mouth value of influencers.

John Knight, Owner, mind the gap & Sally Kim, Health & Wellness Consumer Advocate, Naked Juice will present: Data and Conversation – iPads Help Deliver Integrated Quantitative and Qualitative Insights

The promise of quant and qual in one project – the perfect combination of data and conversation? With the help of the iPad we believe we are getting closer to a solution. The integration of iPads into traditional qualitative work has helped quickly deliver deeper, more objective and quantifiable insights. Review a case study featuring several projects conducted with Naked Juice highlighting the advantages of this new methodology developed in collaboration with Decipher.

I Know One When I See One

This hands-on, interactive workshop is about identifying insights: defining them, discovering them and putting them to work.

Presented by:

  • Anne S. Manning and Bill Mount – Founding Partners, Drumcircle

This hands-on, interactive workshop is about identifying insights: defining them, discovering them and putting them to work.

Drumcircle believes the difference between an insight, an idea and a solution matters. Fresh, intrusive insights lead to ideas and once ideas are scrutinized, tested and developed, they yield solutions.

Businesses need a steady supply of all three of these concepts.

Our workshop, “I Know One When I See One,” focuses on recognizing insights, thus creating a shared understanding of what an insight is and what role it should play in an organization. We will also be building a “tool kit” to help people in business deliberately access new insights.

The session will explore stories where insights have influenced change. We’ll use the power and experience of the group to put the essence of an insight into words and define what’s needed to drive your businesses success. Using pictures as metaphors, we will also explore how to use visual stimuli to unearth insights. The ARF’s Chief Research Officer, Todd Powers, will be also be participating in this exciting interactive workshop.

Participants will leave the session with:

  • Their own working definition of an insight and a way to talk about it with colleagues. The session is highly recommended for teams.
  • A mental “tool kit” for using pictures to stimulate insights, alone or in groups.
  • A Drumcircle Connect Deck, Drumcircle’s own curated and proven set of 25 insight-stimulating images.


Eye-Tracking: Looking Consumers in the Eyes

Eye-tracking studies reveal that over 30% of all impressions displayed in-screen are never viewed. As consumers continue to increase their time spent online, advertisers that remain reluctant to move their branding dollars to the Internet just because they lack reliable auditing tools miss out on invaluable opportunities to increase their ROI. All together, this is a huge problem. In fact, it's costing $12 billion a year. The session will feature research metrics and techniques from EyeTrackShop's soon-to-launch realCPM, which help advertisers, publishers, brands, and researchers discover:

  • How to solve the ad market's #1 pain: not knowing where or when the ads are seen
  • Exploring a new way advertisers and agencies can easily audit their online branding campaigns and optimize their spending by breaking down the results of gender, age and time.
  • Discussing how publishers can earn more money by optimizing their websites to create greater visibility for their clients.
  • Identifying how to verify the true reach of their inventory, and how prices can be based on real performance instead of just charging for an impression.

This presentation will offer participants a demo that outlines how researchers can take the guess work out of advertising.

How the realCPM works: Users are recruited live directly from the website and from global online panels, and their gaze is tracked through a webcam equipped computer. The results are saved in a cloud database.  By saving information on ad content, the solution will also be able to tell if the specific campaign is visually over- or under-performing compared to similar campaigns in the same industry and what creative content works best on different media placements. For example:

  • How do automotive ads visually perform for men in the age range 29–45 on business sites compared to sports sites in the United States?
  • Which media placement attracts the highest amount of female eyes to cosmetic ads?
  • How about timing? When attracting teenagers, do evenings get you more eyes than mornings?

Presented by:
Jeff Bander – President of the Americas and General Manager of EyeTrackShop


Biometric Measures + Traditional Methods = Unique Brand Communication Insights

The industry’s heightened awareness of neuromarketing science has led to the resurgence of using biometric measures in marketing research.  However, some applications of neuromarketing research are not equipped to accurately obtain an in-depth understanding of how consumers mentally process and respond to brand messaging.

During the session, Professor Paul Bolls, Ph.D., will introduce attendees to a scientific paradigm for understanding data that is obtained from all measures of brain activity, including brain imaging and more traditional biometric measures. The paradigm provides a scientifically valid foundation for combining biometric measures with traditional marketing research methods to gain more comprehensive insights into consumers' interactions with brand communication.

Join Dr. Bolls as he explores and discusses the following topics:

  • Why neuromarketing should not replace communication science
  • Just because you're imaging the brain doesn't mean you stop using your head
  • Brand Communication as a dynamic interaction between the brain and messages
  • Applying biometric measures to marketing research -- a scientific paradigm
  • Understanding the three channels of human experience and what biometrics measure
  • Media Psychophysiology as an approach to brand communication research
  • Implications for evaluating and conducting valid biometric/neuromarketing research

Through the knowledge that attendees gain during the session, they will be better prepared to evaluate neuromarketing research approaches, and participate in the valid application of biometric measures in marketing communication science.

Paul Bolls, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of Strategic Communication at the Missouri School of Journalism
Dr. Bolls is also co-director of the PRIME LAB, a biometric lab at the Missouri School of Journalism dedicated to studying how the brain processes media content.  He co-authored with Robert Potter, Ph.D., "Psychophysiological Measurement and Meaning: Cognitive and Emotional Processing of Media" released in August 2012.  It is the first book to exclusively focus on applying biometric measures to studying how individuals mentally process media content. He has also recently written and edited two book chapters on biometric measures in media research, and has articles based on his research in the top tier peer reviewed communication research journals.  Dr. Bolls also serves as the scientific advisor to HCD Research where he directs the design and analysis of biometric research services. Prior to his career in academia, Dr. Bolls worked in commercial radio. He earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University with a focus on biometric measures in media research.

Apply Social Intelligence to Your Business Strategy

Did you know . . .

  • Social media research is a strong proxy for focus groups?
  • Social media research is often exponentially faster and more affordable than other qualitative consumer research?
  • Advanced organizations are moving well beyond social monitoring to integrate social research into their research methods and business decisions?

Since its advent as a significant platform for consumer activity, social media has been lauded as either the saving grace or the Achilles heel of many organizations. While the merits of the many social media applications will continue to be debated, it’s a simple fact that the social channel has become a mainstay in Voice of the Customer (VOC) programs.

How are you incorporating social intelligence into your company’s research portfolio?

Join J.D. Power Consumer Insights Senior Strategist, Christine Hickman, as we explore the following:

  • Processes, tools, and applications for integrating social media intelligence in an organization.
  • Three recent case studies that will demonstrate the significant role that social media intelligence can play in an organization’s research program.
  • A transparent look at the barriers, benefits, and limitations of social media research. 

Presented by:
Christine Hickman – Consumer Insights Senior Strategist, J.D. Power & Associates


Brands and Passion: How Hot Brands Stay Cool in a Changing World

What is it about brands that remain hot over time and generations?

Why is it that other brands quickly become “rock stars” but lack staying power?

This interactive session is presented by:

  • Judith Ricker, EVP, Market Probe,
  • Todd Powers, Chief Research Officer, ARF
  • Michael Sussman, Y&R EVP, Global Director of Analytic Insights and Strategy
  • Belle Frank, Y&R Executive Vice President, Director of Strategy & Research

We will explore brands across several industries that have managed to ignite passion in consumers, and what they have done to maintain that fire.

We will also discuss brands that have attempted to remain relevant, but have missed the mark. About 30 brands will be part of this study, some of which are:

Our panel of experts, along with the audience, will uncover themes that are common to both the successes and failures, and mine those unique “hooks” that have helped the “hot” brands to successfully evolve over time.

You will leave with new ways to think about your own brand, and with tools to help you analyze your brand in the context of a changing environment.  You will know which red flags to look for, and how to manage brand evolution for maximum success.


State (and Nation) of the Hispanic Consumer

Although it is one of many segments comprising the U.S. population, the Hispanic population is growing at the most dramatic rate. In fact, the rapidly-growing Latino segment will fuel the future U.S. economy—by virtue of the significance of its cultural, social, and demographic shifts. However, many myths and misperceptions about Hispanics still persist, affecting marketers’ success with product, service, and media offerings. With Hispanics serving as the cornerstone of future growth, companies must make the Hispanic market a measured priority. What is your company’s approach to engaging the ever important Hispanic community? Join us for an interesting and engaging webinar that focuses on the Hispanic consumer—representing $1 trillion in buying power.
Presented by:

  • Monica Gil – SVP, Public Affairs and Government Relations, Nielsen
  • Sabrina Crow – SVP/Managing Director, Global Client Business Partner for Univision, Nielsen


Cross-Platform: Understanding How People Watch

The consumer's video experience is evolving with the development of enhanced TV sets, such as high definition and IPTVs and the ability to view content on game consoles and other Connected TV devices, online and mobile video platforms. As these new methods of viewing gain broader consumer adoption, there is a need to understand viewers' appetite for content across media. Matt O'Grady, Executive Vice President, Media Audience Measurement, Nielsen, will host a thought leader discussion focusing on the cross-platform viewing behavior of U.S. consumers and identifying emerging trends in media usage which can help inform your planning decisions. This Industry leader event affords you the exclusive opportunity to not only hear the latest insights from Nielsen but also engage in a dialogue with your peers and industry experts on topics that make headlines daily.

Featuring Industry Experts topics:

State of the Media: The Cross Platform Report Q1 2011

The average American today has more ways to watch video-whenever, however and wherever they choose. While certain segments of the population are migrating toward specific devices or viewing habits, the resounding trend is this: Americans are spending more time watching video content on traditional TVs, mobile devices and via the Internet than ever before. In this presentation, we will examine Traditional TV, mobile video and online video viewership, Americans willingness to pay for high-quality TV content and media consumption behaviors by ethnicity, age and gender during the first quarter of 2011.

Presented by:

  • Matt O'Grady - EVP, Media Audience Measurement
  • Pat McDonough - VP Planning Policy & Analysis

Outside the Box

Though TV continues to be the dominant screen in media, viewers have a growing list of new ways they can access and watch long-form video content. Over-the-top video providers like Netflix and Hulu have given viewers additional options for online streaming of TV shows and movies, while Internet-enabled TV sets and connected devices are allowing viewers to watch this content on their big-screen TV. In this presentation, we will share the results of a survey among Netflix and Hulu users and discuss what is driving usage of these services and their possible impact on traditional TV viewing.

Presented by:

  • Jo Holz - SVP Client Research Initiatives

Navigating the Growing Local Landscape

The local media landscape is expanding from its traditional definition of TV, radio and print advertising. Neighborhood retailers are now competing with Online publishers and mobile advertisers to tailor their messaging to their ideal consumers. Nielsen will discuss how we are advancing local cross-platform metrics to arm the industry with insights to address the shifting local business model.

Presented by:

  • Michelle Andreas - VP Product Leadership

Using Mobile for Research

What you'll gain from the workshop is an opportunity to learn about the current trends and future possibilities of mobile marketing and market research from leading experts in their respective fields, Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP of Marketing & Media Innovation at AT&T AdWorks and Mike Billingsley, VP of Client Development at Research Now Mobile.

This interactive presentation will include a break-out workshop where you'll be challenged to "think mobile" by applying mobile market research to a business scenario. After the break-out, we'll show you how Research Now Mobile handled the same scenario for a client.

You'll also get a chance to tour the innovative AT&T AdWorks Lab, a unique hub for AT&T's ad solutions designed to provide a customized, immersive experience interacting with AT&T's wealth of proprietary data from their various media channels.

Mobile Innovations Workshop

Chicago, IL

What you’ll gain from the workshop is an opportunity to learn about the current trends and future possibilities of mobile market research from a leading expert in the field Mike Billingsley, VP of Client Development at Research Now Mobile. This interactive presentation will include a break-out workshop where you’ll be challenged to “think mobile” by applying mobile market research to a business scenario. After the break-out, we’ll show you how Research Now Mobile handled the same scenario for a client.

Beyond the Traditional: How are you Measuring Online Advertising Effectiveness

San Francisco, CA and Chicago, IL

Presented by:

  • Ted McConnell, Executive Vice President of Digital, Advertising Research Foundation
  • Kyle Gollins, Client Development Manager of Media, Research Now

Online ad spend is continuing to surge while a growing number of today’s major media companies and brand advertisers are trying to figure out how to better spend their online advertising budget. Just about any brand advertiser with any significance now has strategic campaigns across display media because it further ensures exposure to their target audience and because it is measurable. One can only imagine the enormous volume of unsold ad space there exists – which could be sold if advertisers were confident in the measurement of brand metrics.

With 32 years at Procter and Gamble, industry expert Ted McConnell will join Research Now’s Kyle Gollins to illustrate why good measurement is the key to implementing sustainable change. Ted will commence this session with his quest, as leader of the global communications organization in the late 1980’s, to determine how P&G could win on the Web. With the growth of the Internet in the early 1990’s, Ted’s 15-year quest led him to building and running innovation capability designed to make marketing better by using the options that technology and the Internet had to offer.

Kyle will then illustrate how Research Now is utilizing Quantcast’s measurement technology to build sustainable cookie panels and further enable marketers and advertisers to differentiate the opinions of specific users on the same machine – garnering a universe of permission-based insights from trustworthy respondents exposed to online advertising campaigns.

Learn how to best utilize today’s technologies to measure ad campaign effectiveness and obtain a universe of insight, and get answers to questions such as:

  • Are you reaching who you think you are reaching?
  • How can cookie data be used to support your “planning” and marketing strategy?
  • What new measures are available to show which ads, segments, or contexts resonate with the consumer?
  • Is a click a good measure, or is it just a cheap measure? What alternatives are there?
  • How is mobile being measured today?
  • What is a “like”? What does it mean? Is it an indication of success in other media, or a cause of success in other media?

Mobile Innovations Workshop

New York, NY

Presented by:

Maria Mandel Dunsche – VP of Marketing & Media Innovation, AT&T AdWorks
Mike Billingsley – VP of Client Development, Research Now Mobile

What you’ll gain from the workshop is an opportunity to learn about the current trends and future possibilities of mobile marketing and market research from leading experts in their respective fields, Maria Mandel Dunsche, VP of Marketing & Media Innovation at AT&T AdWorks and Mike Billingsley, VP of Client Development at Research Now Mobile.

This interactive presentation will include a break-out workshop where you’ll be challenged to “think mobile” by applying mobile market research to a business scenario. After the break-out, we’ll show you how Research Now Mobile handled the same scenario for a client. You’ll also get a chance to tour the innovative AT&T AdWorks Lab, a unique hub for AT&T’s ad solutions designed to provide a customized, immersive experience interacting with AT&T’s wealth of proprietary data from their various media channels.



The Firsthand Facts about DIY Research: Does It Expand Your Toolbox—or Risk Your Business?

DIY research remains a hotly-debated topic. The two points everyone can agree on are that costs are low and use is soaring. But that’s where the agreement ends. On one side are those who see DIY growth as positive, giving businesses and brands that couldn’t afford outside research agencies the chance to gather valuable market feedback. Others see it as dangerous, putting companies at risk of making wrong decisions based on bad data—leading to mistakes far more costly than hiring even the most seasoned market research specialist. 

So where does the truth lie between those opposing views? Is DIY research an exciting new tool, advancing market research—or a serious threat, compromising data integrity and decision accuracy? To discover the truth, Paul Abbate, SSI’s senior vice president, North American Sales, will lead a dynamic panel discussion with the people who know the answers firsthand—those who are using DIY today in their businesses. 

Janelle Dixon (MSLGROUP), Richard Shakarchi (E*Trade Financial), and James Williams-Ness (CDPHP) will give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they are incorporating DIY into their research programs, including where it works (and where it doesn’t), how they are combining DIY with traditional approaches, what types of decisions they feel comfortable trusting to DIY, and how satisfied they are with results. You’ll hear real-world examples of DIY in action across a wide range of applications—and learn both the benefits and caveats around putting it to work for you. You’ll also discover what to look for when choosing a DIY provider, from which features are “must haves” and why, to how to ensure you get DIY’s speed and savings without compromising accuracy and representativeness.   

Presented by:
Paul Abbate – Senior Vice President, North American Sales, SSI
Janelle Dixon – SVP, Director, Insight Creation & Measurement, Americas MSLGROUP Richard Shakarchi – Director, Market Research, E*Trade Financial
James Williams-Ness – Director, Market Intelligence, CDPHP



Are Breakthrough Technologies Research’s New Toolbox—or Next Pandora’s Box?

An Interactive Forum on the Powerful Possibilities—and Potential Problems—of Disruptive Advances

From the advent of the telephone to the explosion of the Internet, market researchers have always needed to find ways they could effectively integrate disruptive technologies. Today however, technological advances are hitting the market at an unrivaled pace, opening up a huge array of both exciting possibilities and challenging pitfalls.

From accessing the Web through their phones, talking back through their TVs, mapping their routes through GPS devices or networking through social media, consumers and professionals are sharing ideas, opinions and information at dizzying speeds—most imagined just a decades ago. Innovative market researchers have begun to embrace these new tools and adapt them as fresh ways to gather deeper insights into decisions and behaviors. Upon further investigation, researchers have raised new concerns about everything from protecting privacy to understanding technical limits and interpreting different data types.

During SSI’s session, Are Breakthrough Technologies Research’s New Toolbox—or Next Pandora’s Box? Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner at Cambiar LLC, will moderate a dynamic roundtable discussion with some of today’s most inventive market researchers.

Speakers include:
Dan Hou - Director of Strategy at the Digital Agency HUGE
Ashmeed Ali, Sr. - Manager B2B Market Research, Yahoo!
GfK and more to confirm

Our participants will share real-life examples of how they’ve creatively incorporated new technologies into their research programs. Then each representative will explore the benefits they realized from venturing into uncharted waters, for instance the problems they faced and how they overcame them, as well as the potential each sees for the future…and the role new technologies will play in shaping the next generation of market research.

The multi-faceted forum will include representatives from research firms, agencies, media and end user companies, with a look at how each is adapting new advances to research needs. The audience will be invited to participate in the conversation, asking questions and sharing experiences with the group.


Customer Experience Measurement: Linking Consumer Touch-Points to Bottom-Line Business Results

The promise of Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs is that they will get you closer to your customers, and help you better deliver against their needs. Yet businesses are already flooded with information about customers. Every day, we see transactional data, web traffic reports, consumer blogs, consumer surveys and social media, all of which point to customer loyalty and engagement in some way or another.

How can brand managers and market researchers manage this volume of data? What are the most effective and proven ways to channel this flood, and extract managerially useful information?

We’ll answer these questions and more, in a case study presentation and panel discussion, concluding with a cocktail reception.

We will present a case study with our partner, CVS Pharmacies, that showcases the critical success factors behind making CEM programs work. The CVS program has evolved to become one of the central tools used by its management in everyday operations. This program allows CVS to calculate the bottom-line value of every major sector of its operations as it impacts the consumer experience. CVS has been able to demonstrate consumer appeal and satisfaction coming from specific changes in its operations, and identify the specific revenue that accrues from these changes and their consequent ROI.

In particular, we will show how some key decisions about data collection, management and reporting can turn CEM into an integral tool for managing your business.

With CVS, we'll show how a successful program needs to consider:

  • Who: which customers do we monitor, and how do we engage them?
  • When: what are the key touch-points that need to be captured?
  • What: what kinds of interactions should we capture? What consumer input really matters?
  • How often: when is the data refreshed and how often is it reported?
  • Why: what is the relationship between the consumers' reactions we monitor and consequences of these reactions to the business processes involved?

Session attendees will understand how to build these factors into a successful CEM program, and we’ll conclude with a panel discussion that provides attendees with insight into the future of CEM and critical success factors to establish.

Panelists include:

  • George H. Terhanian, Ph. D., President, Toluna North America and Group Chief Strategy Officer and ARF Governing Board Member
  • Peter Shafer, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions, Toluna
  • Mark G. Kolligian, CVS Caremark, Vice President


What Research Issues' Are Keeping You Awake at Night?

Establish a valuable, two way dialogue with your consumers and take a deep dive into their daily lives. Branded communities provide custom panelists with an engaging, interactive member portal that yields highly-valuable insights and encourages member participation.

Custom panel ‘communities’ provide unique benefits as companies can not-only target respondents in real-time for surveys, but can benefit from ‘listening’ to obtain richer feedback than ever before dreamed. 

We will present a case study with our partner, Sleep Innovations,  that showcases how they are using a proprietary branded community research panel to increase revenue and address client needs.

Getting rest and a restful sleep is a high priority for many – and yet it remains elusive.  One way to address these “sleep” issues is to conduct frequent research with the consumers that matter most – the people who crave a good night’s sleep and will pay for that luxury.

To that end, Sleep Innovations, one of the industry leaders in mattresses and sleepware manufacturers and marketers, has been conducting weekly research with over 2,000 “sleep aficionados” through its’ proprietary panel Sleep Talkers which is powered by Toluna’s Panel Portal technology.  And the research is reaping some interesting results. 

By using a proprietary panel to conduct research, Sleep Innovations is now designing new packaging and developing new products for its retailers that much more closely meet the needs of both consumers and retailers.

Topics will include:

  • The advantages to having a proprietary panel
  • The strategies behind recruiting respondents to participate in an ongoing panel
  • How to secure engagement over time with panelists
  • The types of research that can be used in a panel platform
  • Best practices in building, managing and using a panel with target audiences

Session attendees will understand how to build these factors into a successful branded community research program and how proprietary panels can achieve exceptional business results.

Presented by:

  • Peter Shafer, SVP Enterprise Solutions, Toluna
  • Maria Sigmund, Director, New Product Development, Sleep Innovations

Online Communities: Innovative New Research Techniques, Revolutionary Insight

When: October 9, 2012 • Breakfast begins at 8:45am-9:15am / Presentation begins at 9:15am
Where: ARF Office, 432 Park Avenue South, 6th floor (between 29th & 30th), New York, NY
Presented by:  Peter Shafer – SVP, Enterprise Solutions, Toluna

Building and managing research panels and communities is once again emerging as a hot, new trend in marketing communications.
The presentation will focus on two specific use-cases.

  • The University of Northampton (UN), determined that to succeed, it needed to understand current student’s satisfaction drivers, as well as key influencers in the enrollment decision-making process. The University turned to Facebook to build a community, to mine feedback from fans and friends. Learn how Facebook fan pages can become the next frontier for your research program.
  • Sleep Innovations highly segmented customer community is used to test offers, assess product usage and more. Qualitative feedback is critical to their strategy and results in customer co-creation.  Learn how qualitative feedback can be applied to obtain world-class feedback, and improve quantitative insight.

Attendees will learn about new and innovative community applications.

  • Tent communities–when and how these can be deployed to provide maximum benefit at low cost.
  • Qualitative sessions and discussions within communities. Toluna’s partner 20/20 Research to co-present and provide best practices for qualitative research.
  • Integration of communities and social media.
  • Mobile communities, what works, and why.

Social Media, Traditional Media, Paid Media, Unpaid Media

How to measure and analyze results ... how best to achieve optimal integration ... how can your company improve ROI performance?

  • How should social media be measured?
  • How does it impact unpaid media and advertising?
  • How will it evolve in the future?

A panel of media authorities will share their findings, case histories and expertise on this influential topic for today’s big business. Learn what social media marketing strategies President Obama's campaign successfully used as part of their overall media mix. Understand how the NBA’s recruitment of over one million twitter followers dovetails into their larger media efforts.  Find out how Levi’s used Craig’s List to relaunch their jeans.
Our panel experts will include:

  • Jonathan Kopp, Global Director, Ketchum Digital – Jonathan will speak about his experiences as one of the key architects behind Obama’s enormously successful social media election campaign.
  • Jon Gibs, VP Media Analytics, Nielsen Online – Jon will share his wide-ranging and insightful knowledge on the rapidly changing social media measurement world
  • B. Bonin Bough, Global Director of Digital & Social Media, PepsiCo – Bonin will be discussing his views on the changing marketing landscape, the rise of social media and how PepsiCo is creating and selling to a large and expanding customer base.
  • Michael Bass, SVP Marketing Communications, National Basketball Association – Mike will share how in only a year the NBA has enlisted over 1,500,000 followers on Twitter.   Learn how they did it and see how its impacted sales.
  • Gary Getto, VP Integrated Media Intelligence, VMS – As the innovator and developer of the revolutionary VMS Vantage Platform, Gary will offer business solutions that address the need for integrated marketing across advertising and PR.
  • Lynne d Johnson, SVP Social Media, ARF – Lynne will be our Moderator and be able to share her experience establishing social media platforms at and Vibe & Spin Magazines.


I really enjoyed the session, especially since it was a new type of marketing to me. The ACXIOM team was very accessible after the presentation, which was great.
James Williams-Ness, Sesame Workshop Inc.

I very much appreciated being able to attend last week's presentation. While the specifics were geared toward significantly larger companies, I was able to take away some actionable points!
Debra A. Clark, Lafayette 148 New York

It was a good session. I thought V. Kumar's presentation was better because it wasn't a blatant "infomercial." Acxiom's was good, too. I find it extremely valuable to hear how marketer's are transitioning from an advertising heavy model to more one-to-one marketing. Anything that keeps me relevant is good.
Daria Nachman, ABC

I found the thought leader breakfast event on social media- beneficial and well worth my time. It had the right mix of speakers (technologists, researchers, strategic planners and national brand representatives) that addressed very current issues in a productive and efficient format (mix of presentation and panel)... and only required about a 2 - 2 1/2 hour commitment. Equally important was the opportunity to network with industry colleagues in a small setting to compare notes and benchmark issues and approaches.
Diana Farrell, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare

Really enjoyed this morning's session…The Nielsen, NBA, Pepsi and Obama campaign presentations in particular were illuminating.
Raymond Shynn, Optimedia

Great job by Pepsico to challenge idea of display ads, trying to make them more social and not just a place to copy print ads.Jonathan Kopp from Ketchum shared the nuts and bolts of the Obama campaign. Some unbelievably smart tactical execution. Thanks to The ARF and the speakers this morning for a great event this AM. Loved the cases from the panel.
William Martino, Saatchi

Participating Companies
Atria Books
Avon Products
Comcast Cable
Deep Focus
EURO RSCG Worldwide
Glam Media
Liz Clairborne
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia
Maxus Global
Merkley + Partners
Pernod Ricard USA
Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Sesame Workshop
Thomson Reuters
VFC - Kipling
Vidal Partnership

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Chris Kosar
ARF Program Sales Director
Phone: 646.465.5770

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Thought Leader Series 2014

For more information about the Thought Leader Series, please contact:
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"We are very pleased with the success of the ARF event that helped us highlight ADimension and Research Now’s core services. The attendees were all within our target audience, and most were from companies we have been trying to speak with about our new product. As a result of conversations directly following the presentation, we received invitations to present at several companies and a handful of RFPs. The ARF did a great job setting up the event and providing a presentation that was cohesive with our messaging."
Art Stivison – Product Development & Innovation Manager, Research Now

"ARF Thought Leadership Series are terrific. The content of the presentation tonight was insightful and helpful in sparking new thoughts for how we can continue to bring new ideas to our clients in innovation creation. The informal networking discussions right after the presentation were also helpful to share and build on new ideas and opportunities going forward with complementary agencies."
Gary Fraser – Founder and President, The Growth Engine Co.

"The Thought Leader Forum SSI conducted with ARF was truly an outstanding experience.  ARF helped us put together a compelling panel—and the result was a highly dynamic session, with all attendees deeply engaged and actively participating.  We were extremely pleased with the outcome.  Chris was a pleasure to work with and provided great support throughout the planning process.  He helped us create a quality program that exceeded our objectives.  The best evidence I can give of the session’s success is that we are already planning another!"
Ilene Siegalovsky – Vice President Global Marketing, SSI

"The ARF’s Thought Leader series is a terrific forum for discussing ideas with a targeted and engaged group.  Market Probe’s Session – “Brands and Passion – How Hot Brands Stay Cool in a Changing World” was great fun for us to host.  Not only did we have wonderful panelists in  Todd Powers of the ARF and Belle Frank and Michael Sussman from Y&R, we had an enthusiastic audience that dove right in to the workshop portion of the session.  The discussion was so lively, that I think people would have continued to talk about brands and passion for another hour!"
Judith Ricker – EVP Brand Research, Market Probe