Speaking Opportunities at The ARF

Speaking Opportunities at ARF

The ARF welcomes your interest in speaking at our events.  We present two major conferences each year and a selected number of specialized events, including the opportunity to Host a Webcast. The two major events are the ARF Annual Convention called Re:think, which takes place in early spring, and our Audience Measurement Conference, which takes place in early summer.

To help you understand the opportunities that exist, we have outlined three ways in which you may be able to join us on stage.

You can submit your speaker details and proposal using the Submission Form below.

1. Presenting New Research, Tools and Techniques

For each of the two major ARF events – our Annual Convention and Audience Measurement, the ARF issues a Call for Papers several months prior to the event.  Anyone may submit a research paper proposal for consideration.  All papers are reviewed by a review committee and individuals whose proposals are selected are invited to present during the ARF event.  Typically, presentations are grouped with similar topics into sessions with two to four other papers.  Each paper is allocated 20 minutes for presentation and up to two speakers may present.  A moderator runs audience Q&A at the end of the session.  Presentations and written papers are requested of all accepted proposals and are shared with attendees after the event, and are later made available for wider distribution.

ARF Call for Papers alerts are issued via email and are posted on the ARF website.  You can receive our Call for Papers alerts along with other communications by adding your contact information to a My ARF account.

Helpful Tips

  • If you have done research on behalf of a client, especially a marketer, having the marketer co-present with you is always very desirable.
  • Presentations about new tools or techniques should focus on how this new effort helps move the industry forward, bringing new insights. Proposals that focus only on the new tool or new technique are often not selected as the sales focus is too heavy.

2. Commercial Research Presentations

For our Annual Convention, the ARF offers you the opportunity to purchase a 30-minute presentation slot.  Your purchase provides you with a room, AV set up, and 30 minutes for your session during which the programming is up to you.  Your session is promoted as part of the Convention’s Research Innovation Showcase in our promotional materials online and on site. 

If you would like more information about this opportunity, please contact Rachael Feigenbaum at Rachael@theARF.org.

3. Keynote Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

The ARF issues invitations to selected individuals to appear as speakers, panelists and moderators for our event general sessions. If you are interested in speaking or want to suggest an executive who is available to speak, please indicate on form below.


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