Re:think 2009 Key Issue Forums

Re:think 2009 Key Issue Forums

360 Media and Marketing

Increasing Ad Impact in a Multiplatform World
Major differences in the rates at which ads are exposed and absorbed by consumers exist between media. Discover how these differences can be used to improve media allocations and significantly increase advertising impact.
Dr. Scott McDonald – Senior Vice President, Research, Condé Nast
Rebecca McPheters – CEO, McPheters & Company
David F. Poltrack – Chief Research Officer, CBS Corporation, and President, CBS Vision

Innovative Measurement of Multiplatform Audiences
Learn how NBC used its "Billion Dollar Olympics Media Lab" to develop a single-source measurement of the multiplatform audiences. The methodology used can be easily adapted by any media stakeholder.
David C. Tice – VP and Group Account Director, Media Team, Knowledge Networks
Horst Stipp – SVP, Primary and Strategic Research, NBC Universal

Building an Effective Cross Media Strategy using Agent-Based Modeling
Learn how the world’s most respected advertisers use an iterative process to capture cross-media effects and paint a 360 degree picture of collective media impact.
Damon Ragusa – Founder & CEO, ThinkVine Corporation
Rafael Alcaraz, Ph.D. – Director of Advanced Analytics, The Hershey Company


Measuring the Effects of Social Network Advertising
Social networks allow advertisers to reach a targeted and engaged audience. Learn how advertising on these networks improves brand awareness and favorability, drives offline sales and delivers acceptable ROI.
Heidi Browning – SVP, Client Solutions, MySpace
Erin Hunter – EVP, comScore, Inc.

How Does Advertising Really Work in the Digital Age? It Depends!
There is no single "new model" of how advertising works today. Rather there are four, each with a central challenge and opportunity, says an innovative study of 150 product categories.
Carol Foley – EVP, Director of Research Services, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.
John Greene – SVP, Director of Market Strategy, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.
Melinda Cultra – VP Research Director, Leo Burnett Co. Inc.

Funnel-Vision: Enhancing the Media Allocation Model to Improve ROI.
Learn about a new allocation model based on media usage, media synergy and media influence to assure ROI going forward, not backward.
Martin Block – Professor, Northwestern University

Impact of the Digital Age

Reloading the Magazine: Making Print Work in the Digital World
Many believe that the Internet has replaced print as the main repository of information across every category of interest. This presentation illustrates opportunities to leverage print and online in integrated media strategies.
Yaakov Kimelfeld, Ph.D. – SVP, Digital Research and Analytics, MediaVest Worldwide
David Shiffman – SVP, Connections Research and Analytics, MediaVest Worldwide
Maria Givens – Sr. Manager, Global Media, Avon

From Widgets to Websites: How to Talk to "Connected Consumers."
Razorfish presents insights, from its annual Digital Consumer Behavior Study, on how online activity, social media usage, e-commerce habits and mobile access are changing the way “connected consumers” engage online.
Garrick Schmitt – Group Vice President, Experience Planning, Razorfish
Shiv Singh – VP and Global Social Media Lead, Razorfish

Can Search Build Brands?
Google and MetrixLab share innovative research cases to understand the multimedia impact and efficiency of paid search on brand and purchase metrics.
Angela O'Connell – Head of Cross Media Research Europe, Google
Lucas Hulsebos – Media Research Director, MetrixLab


"You Can Observe A Lot Just By Watching": ESPN Studies Sports Cross-Media Consumption
ESPN’s vanguard study uses proven observational techniques to gain insights on how young male fans consume sports media across multiple platforms.
Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics, ESPN
Michael Bloxham – Director, Insight and Research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University

"Programs" do Affect Ad Engagement
Using neuroscience, Nine Network Australia isolates and quantifies the role that the program plays in generating ad break memory. Find out how to adapt this learning to any medium.
Steve Weaver – Network Research Director, Nine Network Australia

Make Sure your Ads Connect Emotionally
The key to great advertising is the emotional connection. Learn about new tools advertisers are using to increase the certainty of connection.
Jo-Ann Osipow – Senior Vice President, Synovate


Consumers Talk Offline, Too. Tune In.
WOM happens offline, too… not just online. Learn how brand marketers discover what consumers are saying offline using natural language processing software.
Dave Dugan – Senior Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships, BzzAgent
Michelle de Haaff – VP of Products and Marketing, Attensity

Meredith’s Silver Bullet: Leading with Market Knowledge and Innovation. Women are Talking. We are Listening.
“Real Women Talking” is Meredith’s private online community that provides 24/7 customer access. Learn how connecting to real women has enabled Meredith to innovate and lead by uncovering new insights for brands, building richer client relationships, and leveraging the unique power of qualitative feedback.
Britta C. Ware – Vice President of Research Solutions, Meredith Corporation
Manila Austin – Director of Research, Communispace

Enhance Advertising Effectiveness By Driving WOM.
Advertising can be a major driver of consumer conversation. Groundbreaking research reveals new insights and enhanced metrics for evaluating and improving ad performance in a word of mouth era.
Ed Keller – CEO, The Keller Fay Group
Artie Bulgrin – Senior Vice President, ESPN

Digital Marketing

Making Online Ads Work Better
Online brand engagement is suffering. A comprehensive study of consumers exposed to 3000 online ads reveals how users process internet advertising, and what ad elements, formats and placements work.
Samar Das – CEO and Director of Center for Brand Research, C3Research
Allison O'Keefe Wright – Vice President, MTV Strategic Insights and Research

Can Rich Media Metrics Predict Brand Impact?
Most methods for measuring the brand impact of online display ads rely on surveys. This research shows how to use rich media metrics to predict brand impact.
Ken Mallon – SVP, Custom Solutions and Ad Effectiveness Consulting, Dynamic Logic
Rick Bruner – Head of Research, North America Sales, Google

Measuring Clutter: It Matters
Now - more than ever - measuring ad "clutter" is critical. Learn about Nielsen Online's clutter metric and its role in online media buying, planning and selling.
Jon Gibs – VP, Media Analytics, Nielsen Online

Innovating Innovation

End-to-End Insight through Integration: a Classic Formula
Unlock new insights by integrating custom studies with existing data sources. Learn about Coke's lifestyle segmentation for its worldwide beverage portfolio.
Clodagh Forde – Director, Marketing Strategy & Insights, The Coca-Cola Company
Dave Patten, Ph.D – SVP, Client Service, Research International USA

Video Works Differently on TV and Online. Or So Says Neurometrics.
This research explores the differences between how people consume TV and online video ads, specifically by applying neuroscience to advertising research.
Pavan Lee – Research Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Integration of Neuro and Conventional Ad Pre-tests
This presentation introduces a way to integrate neuro explorations with conventional research. Discover how neuro-physiological reactions influence brand enhancement, product differentiation and product purchase drivers for selected global TV ad campaigns.
Dorota Reykowska – Research & Development Director, Laboratory & Co
Ewa Witkowska – Insights Director - Europe, PepsiCo
Rafal Krzysztof Ohme – Psychology Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences

Multi-Platform Accountability

Boosting Campaign Effectiveness in a Multi-Platform World
This first-time public presentation will showcase IMMI’s single source panel tracking 3-screen exposure - TV, online and mobile. A TV promotion case study will illustrate how ad effectiveness is increased with these new platforms.
Amanda Welsh – COO, IMMI
Mark Loughney – Vice President, Sales & Strategy Research, ABC TV Network

Run What Where? Engaging Multi-Generational Shoppers Across a Multi-Platform World
This study tracks the multi-media consumption of Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Gen Y/Millennials, correlating that consumption with in-market sales for two respected retail brands, Lucky and Kate Spade.
Robert Passikoff, Ph.D. – Founder & President, Brand Keys, Inc.
Karen Tillson – VP, Consumer Insight & Market Intelligence, Liz Claiborne Inc.

Storytelling in a Multi-Platform World
Information and entertainment consumption is no longer linear. People now consume stories in bits and pieces across platforms. Learn about the roles that different platforms play in storytelling, and how audiences engage with and move among platforms.
Betsy Frank – Chief Research and Insights Officer, Time Inc.
Barry Martin – Executive Director, Consumer Research and Insights, Time Inc.

Research Breakthroughs

Do Viewers Care? Understanding the impact of creative on TV viewing behavior
Google has analyzed data on the precise second-by-second tuning behavior for millions of television set-top boxes across the US. Find out what Google has learned about how viewers react to TV ads.
Dan Zigmond – Engineering Manager and Technical Lead, Google TV Ads

BP's Crystal - Segmentation that Gets USED
Discover how one of the world's most successful companies used segmentation to align and focus their business.
Lisa Gudding – Executive Vice President, GfK Custom Research North America
Rajit Chakravarty – Global Customer Insight Manager, BP plc.

Panelist Engagement: Leveraging interactivity to fight boredom in online surveys
GMI demonstrates how to conduct more engaging surveys that improve the quality of the data collected and maximize the return on research investment.
Deborah Sleep – Founder & Managing Director, Engage Research
Jon Puleston – Vice President, Interactive Group, GMI (Global Market Insite, Inc.)

Shopper Insights

Nielsen In-Store Shopper Insights
Retailers and manufacturers who embrace shopper marketing are growing faster than competitors. Learn about the work of Nielsen In-Store on creating a common industry metric that allows the store to be treated as a measured marketing medium.
Frank Piotrowski – SVP, Measurement Science, The Nielsen Company
George Wishart – Global Managing Director, The Nielsen Company

Measuring Persuasive Power Through Leveraging Virtual Survey Technology
Learn how virtual survey technologies that have fueled innovation in gathering shopper insights have been extended into other verticals including technology, media, advertising and healthcare.
Andrew Reid – President and Founder, Vision Critical Solutions

Women and their Digital Domain - Microsoft Shows Women.
Learn how Microsoft's Women in their Digital Domain studies show how digital media influence the consideration and shopping for packaged goods among women principal household shoppers.
Beth Uyenco – Global Research Director, Microsoft Advertising
Debbie Solomon – Managing Partner Business Planning, Mindshare Worldwide
Graceann Bennett – Managing Partner Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Chicago



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