Research Review Benefits
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ARF Research Review Benefits

Provider Benefits

Marketing Benefits

Clients want to know:

  • Does this method work?
  • How does it work?
  • Is it right for my needs?
  • Is it consistent with accepted industry guidelines?

An ARF Research Review saves time and accelerates the sales process by providing an independent, authoritative assessment of market research offerings. As a result, client communications can focus on the business objectives rather than technical concerns or disparagements by your competitors.

Quality Improvement Benefits

The Review identifies opportunities for improvement. Often, these enhancements can be made in the course of the Review – resulting in a superior product in the marketplace.

Internal Process Benefits

The review process has improved the seller’s internal and external communications. The framework for the review has served to align marketing messages with technical documentation and report language.

Ongoing Support

ARF experts are available both to discuss future enhancements as well as to serve as references for clients seeking information or comfort with a reviewed methodology.


Companies engaged in Research Reviews are guaranteed complete confidentiality. Reviews are made public at the vendor’s discretion. An important benefit is that client desire for access to proprietary information can be mitigated by an ARF Review.

Ongoing Consultative Benefits

The ARF Research Team will be available for a discussion of potentially material changes made subsequent to the review – be they in the methodology or the context of its use.

For easy reference, download the complete Research Review Fact Sheet.

Journal of Advertising Research

What We Know About Peer-to-Peer Marketing
June 2014, Vol. 54, No. 2

Since its launch by the ARF in 1960, the Journal of Advertising Research has become one of the seminal journals in the industry. Enjoy this free digital download of the 50th Anniversary issue.



"“The ARF provides a rare opportunity to interact with people on the other spokes of the research wheel; to see how people on the advertising, research vendor and brand level use the same research I do, but differently. This way I can be more in synch with what the industry is doing and that allows me to work more effectively."
Daria Nachman – Director of Marketing Research, ABC National TV Sales