First Round of Submissions
Nov. 11, 2013 (save $200)
$495 (single)/$445 (multiple)

Second Round of Submissions
Dec. 11, 2013 (save $100)
$595 (single)/$555 (multiple)

Third and Final Round of Submissions
Feb. 1, 2014
$695 (single)/$665 (multiple)

David Ogilvy Awards - Award Categories

The best submissions within each category below will be awarded a Gold Award, provided they meet the standard of excellence set by the ARF.



Appliances & Electronics TVs, radios, DVDs, cameras, stereos, computers, washers, and dish washer machines
Automotive Cars, trucks, motorcycles, as well as gasoline, motor oil, servicing, and parts
Business-to-Business Products and services specifically targeted to businesses
Consumer Services Cable, on-demand streaming services, telecommunication, transportation, and utilities
Entertainment & Sports Sporting events, teams and goods, films, music, shows, video games, plays, network, and cable branding
Fashion, Style, & Beauty Beauty aids and services, clothing, cosmetics, eyewear, hair products, hosiery, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, and fashion programs
Financial Services Banking, brokerage firms, credit cards, loans, and mutual funds
Food, Alcohol, Beverage, & Grocery Cereals, frozen foods, canned goods, snacks, soda, water, coffee, beer, wine, and spirits
Government & Nonprofit Municipal or state development, lotteries, political messages, public service messages, and nonprofit academic institutions
Health & Personal Care OTC products, first aid, soaps, and deodorants
Household Furniture, paints, and cleaning products
Pharmaceuticals Prescription drugs, cures, treatments, disease prevention, and other medical services
Professional Services Employment services, legal, real estate, and for-profit academic institutions
Restaurants & QSRs Restaurants, fast food, coffee shops, and juice bars
Retail & eCommerce Stores or websites providing a specialty line or general merchandise
Travel & Leisure Airlines, museums, travel agencies, and services
Young Pro This award honors the next generation of industry leaders. The participating Young Pro team should be 30 years of age or younger.
Other/Cannot be categorized Products and services that are not applicable to other categories

Industry Awards

Big Data
The best example of how big data was used to reveal an insight that led to an idea that drove business growth.

Business Challenges
David vs. Goliath, new products or services, renaissance, small budgets, products and services, sustained success.

The best example of an insight that resonated across multicultural, national, regional, and global segments. Creative executions must be submitted as demonstration.

The best example that drove creative across different mediums. (i.e. How well did it translate from large to small screen?)

Grand Ogilvy
The campaign demonstrating the most successful use of research in the creation of superior advertising that achieved a critical business objective.


March 25, 2014
Marriott Marquis, NYC

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For more information about the ARF David Ogilvy Awards, please contact:
Zena M. Pagán: 646.465.5721 ogilvyAwards@thearf.org