The ARF 2011 David Ogilvy Award Entries

The ARF 2011 David Ogilvy Award Entries

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The Ogilvys do not honor research methods, tools, or techniques. Other awards have that job. The Ogilvys celebrate breakthrough moments when creative inspiration and research insights combine to produce a spectacular advertising campaign. A few examples of these breakthrough moments are: 

  • When skillful analysis and creative interpretation produce ideas that help drive strategy, creative and/or media planning.
  • When research overcomes fear and conjecture to give life to unique advertising by providing evidence of its marketplace potential.
  • When the creative process exploits research to find unexpected ways of looking at and talking about a brand and its promise.


Two levels of Ogilvy Awards are given: Category Awards and Industry Awards. Category Awards honor the best research- driven campaigns within 19 specific sectors.
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Winners of a Category Award are automatically entered to compete against each other for the following Industry Awards:

  • Ogilvy Business Achievement Awards, a special honor given to a select few campaigns that demonstrate extraordinary success solving a critical business challenge.
  • Ogilvy Research Innovation Award, honoring the campaign built on the most innovative use of research, including new methods as well as imaginative use of traditional tools.
  • Finally, the Grand Ogilvy Award winner is chosen from among all the winning entries. Detailed information is provided on page 3.


  • An Ogilvy Award is tangible proof of your industry leadership in developing and leveraging consumer insights to achieve a competitive marketing advantage.
  • An Ogilvy Award celebrates the strong teamwork among your creative, media and research teams by recognizing their integrated efforts in campaign development and execution.
  • Your achievements will be celebrated by the industry press on and by The ARF.
  • An Ogilvy Award recognizes your research excellence, and will help attract, reward and retain top talent.


Consumer insights are everyone’s job – research supplier, ad agency, media company, and advertiser. All groups are invited to submit multiple Ogilvy Award case studies for their team. Each entry should identify all companies that contributed to the campaign, the key personnel at each company, and a single contact person for all communications with the Ogilvy Awards Committee.


  • Research must have been key in the development or execution of the campaign, but there is no requirement as to the amount or type of research conducted.
  • All campaigns entered in the 2011 Ogilvy awards must have run sometime in the two year period between January 2009 and December 2010.


Gold and Silver awards are given to the best two entrants within each category listed below. The number of categories considered for awards may be increased or decreased at the judges’ discretion based on the number and focus of submissions received. If you are unsure which category is appropriate for your case study, please contact the ARF for guidance.

  • Automotive  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, as we ll as gasoline, motor oil, servicing and parts
  • Beverages  Soda, water, coffee, beer, wine, spirits
  • Business to Business Products and services specifically targeted to businesses
  • Consumer Electronics  TVs, radios, DVDs, cameras, stereos, computers
  • Digital + Media mobile (ipads + smartphones),  HTML, newsletters, social media, video-games, websites
  • Fashion and Household Furnishings  Clothing, eyewear, hosiery, jewelry, perfumes, shoes, furniture, paints, appliances
  • Financial Services  Credit cards, loans, mutual funds, banking
  • Governmental, Public Service, Non-Profit  Municipal or state development, lotteries, utilities, public service messages, political messages
  • Health and Personal Care Products  Consumer healthcare/OTC products, first aid, beauty aids, soaps, deodorants
  • International  Products and services targeting global markets
  • Multicultural  Products and services targeting ethnic markets
  • Packaged Goods  Cereals, frozen foods, canned goods, snacks
  • Pharmaceuticals  Prescription drugs and medical devices
  • Professional Services  Hospitals, HMOs, employment services, legal services, real estate, delivery systems
  • Restaurants, Bars and Eateries  Restaurants, fast-food, coffee shops, juice bars
  • Retail/e-tail  Stores or web sites providing a specialty line or general merchandise
  • Shopper Marketer honors outstanding shopper insights research to successful shopper marketing initiatives
  • Sports, Entertainment and Media  Sporting events and teams, films, music, TV shows video-games, plays, museums, travel, sporting goods, network and cable branding
  • Telecommunications  Telephone companies, cellular services, internet access and bundled services


Winners are selected from among all category finalists (gold winners). Business Achievement Awards honor exceptional success solving a critical business challenge. The specific awards will be determined based on the submissions received, but could include:

  • Successful launch of a new product or brand
  • Revitalizing or repositioning a flagging brand
  • Establishing a new or growing an existing market
  • Maintaining strong sales with a reduced marketing budget
  • Supporting premium pricing for a brand in a competitive market


This special award recognizes an innovative research approach or novel application of research that results in an outstanding advertising campaign. Selected from among all Gold category winners.


The campaign demonstrating the most successful use of research in the creation of superior advertising that achieves a critical business objective. Selected from among all Gold category winning campaigns.


Entering a campaign involves writing down the research story behind the campaign’s success. While there is no set formula for winning an Ogilvy Award, all case histories are strongly encouraged to include:

  • Business Situation and Campaign Objectives   A clearly written summary of the business objectives, the marketing strategy, and budget. A summary of the business situation and marketing objectives is critical for success in the Business Achievement Awards.
  • Research Story   This is the heart of your entry. Explain how research was key to campaign success, including the types of research, the analysis, and how the insights were used to create the campaign.
  • Campaign Description   Describe the campaign, including target audience(s), media plan, creative executions, and dates in-market.
  • Business Results   Quantitative evidence that the objectives of the campaign were achieved (proprietary data can be disguised) The entries cannot exceed five pages using at least 11pt font. A limited amount of appended charts and graphs are acceptable.

See our 2011 winners and 2010 winners for examples.


Campaign creative is required for each entry with a limit of six creative executions per campaign. Video should be provided as a QuickTime H264, 640 X 480, 30fps; print as .eps, .jpg file; audio as .wav file.


Each Ogilvy Award Entry will be judged by a panel of industry professionals.

Great care is taken in the selection of a jury comprising a balance of specialist knowledge, experience and objectivity. Judges may move entries to a different category if it seems better suited.


  • Early submission due date December 14, 2010 – $495 submission fee (save $100) / $445 for multiple entries
  • Late submission due date January 10, 2011 – $595 submission fee/$555 for multiple entriesAll entrants will receive electronic confirmation upon receipt of their completed entry. Entrants will be notified of the winners of the Category Awards in February 2011.

All Category Award winners will be automatically placed into the industry-level competition for Business Achievement Awards, the Research Innovation Award and the Grand Ogilvy Award.

Winners of these awards will be announced at the ARF Ogilvy Awards Dinner on March 22, 2011 at the Marriot Marquis in New York City.


Please contact
Zena M. Pagán, Councils and Ogilvy Manager
Advertising Research Foundation

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Steps to complete after submitting your Entry Form

1. Download cover page and participation agreement
Case study cover page
Ogilvy Award Participation Agreement

2. Complete Entry Checklist

  • Include a detailed case study of no more than five pages using the provided word document as your cover page highlighting how research contributed to campaign success.
    NOTE: Case study must be submitted in .doc format using the cover page provided. Always indicate your entry brand to better identify your deliverables. NO PDFs please.
  • Include a five to six sentence summary of your case study in .doc format. NOTE: Always indicate your entry brand to better identify your deliverables.
  • To submit your video, audio print ads, banners, PR, outdoor, direct mail, internet, or other creative please submit them using the instructions that will be provided once your entry is submitted NOTE: Always indicate your entry brand to better identify your deliverables.
  • Once your submission has been received an electronic invoice will be generated and sent to the email provided. Early submission fee (s) $495 and $445 for multiple entries. Late submission fee (s) $595 and $555 for multiple entries. NOTE: If payment details have not been provided your entry will not be processed.
  • Please complete the Ogilvy Award Participation Agreement to be signed by the entrant and advertiser fax to 212-319-5265. You may also email it to as a scanned document.
    NOTE: You must include both signatures in order to participate in the program. Always indicate your entry brand to better identify your deliverables.

2011 David Ogilvy Awards

For more information about the Ogilvy Awards, please contact:
Zena M. Pagán