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JAR Best Paper Awarded

June 24, 2008

New York, NY – June 24, 2008

Professors Ye Hu (University of Houston), Leonard M. Lodish and Abba M. Krieger (both of Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) were honored with the first-ever “JAR Best Paper” Award, which includes a $1500 prize, in a presentation at the Advertising Research Foundation’s (ARF) Audience Measurement AM 3.0 Conference today.

Their paper – “An Analysis of Real World TV Advertising Tests: A 15-Year Update” – (JAR volume 47, issue 3, 2007), was voted “Best Paper of 2007” by the Journal of Advertising Research Editorial Advisory Board in conjunction with ARF, in what will now be an annual award sponsored by the JAR publisher, World Advertising Research Center (WARC), in recognition of the contribution by JAR authors to furthering the industry’s knowledge of advertising research.

According to Marissa Sison, Ph.D., JAR Editor and Vice President, GfK Brand and Communication: “The co-authors have done a valuable service to the advertising research industry, as well as smart marketers everywhere who demand evidence that the creative their agencies give them generates reasonable return on investment.”

Carlos Grande, Editor, WARC Online added that “the authors have made a timely and convincing contribution to the key question of how television advertising affects product sales in different markets, and in both the short and long term. Their findings, particularly the unfashionable emphasis they place on the importance of developing and testing the right advertising copy, should be read by marketers everywhere.”

William A. “Bill” Cook, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research & Standards, ARF, also noted that the paper confirmed two key findings from the professors’ previous study in 1995:

  • Increasing spending offers diminishing returns, e. g., that the gains from increased advertising spending are greatest at lower levels of spending;
  • It pays to test creative before running it – good creative has a much larger impact than weak creative, and the long-term impact of that superior creative is double what is seen in Year One.

Of added importance, Dr. Cook observed that “Professors Hu, Lodish and Krieger have shown that the payoff of spending behind good creative is greater now than was found in their 1995 study, which suggests that advertisers may not be putting enough dollars behind their advertising creative today. While advertisers may have been spending beyond the optimum level before 1995, they may now be spending less than they should for best results.”

The paper’s impact on the overall industry was further noted by Joel Rubinson, Chief Research Officer of ARF, who stated: “I am delighted that this paper won the prize for a couple of reasons. First, the findings have great business impact by proving that TV can still be a very effective part of the mix, even in an era of media fragmentation. Secondly, while the findings might be surprising to some, they show how powerful research can ‘get the facts’ separating truth from myth.”

“The importance of this paper,” concluded Rubinson, “and the published work on word of mouth also shows the significance of the Journal of Advertising Research to the industry’s collective knowledge base regarding effective and efficient marketing practices.”

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