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Audience Measurement 4.0 Highlights: View Keynotes and Order Conference Videos

January 1, 2011


Thanks to our attendees, presenters, program committee, sponsors and partners for making Audience Measurement 4.0 another record-breaking event!

4 Keynotes, 10 Panels, 35 Key Issue Forums and 124 Speakers dissected the latest developments in audience measurement and stressed the critical need to address the challenges with STB data, social media metrics and cross-platform media.

Highlights from Twitter #AM4.0

johnlovett: The other side of analytics #wa is Audience Measurement, 600 people here at #am4.0 in NYC - Wow!

NyackNewsNViews: NBC's Alan Wurtzel gives a "I Have A STB Dream" Crisis Measurement speech @ARF #AM4.0 Conf

shelila: @lanalana Standardization trending b/c NBC's Alan Wurtzel is the Barack Obama of audience measurement at #am4.0

maurygiles: Wurtzel: only way we'll move ahead is we're open and transparent, everyone show all the cards in audience measurement tools. #AM4.0

davemorgannyc: Great discussions at ARF #am4.0 on mktg research value of TV set-top box data; now time to use date to create new business value with data

scooch44: Happy to see the challenges of STB data exposed. Valuable source, just not the be all end all. #am4.0

taniayuki: david poltrack: the pricing of our current TV system is wrong....! #AM4.0

joebobatl: Way to go Jack! RT @johnlovett: first applause at #AM4.0 for Jack Wakshlag's (Turner Broadcasting) call for transparency

jchasin: #am4.0 Jack Wahshlag elicits applause with his position that they won't use research companies who refuse to provide true transparency. Bravo

theconsumerlab: #am4.0 Wakshlag: TBS, CBS, ESPN are not TV co's, they are multimedia content co's. Don't think of them the same way as 5-10 yrs ago.

jchaps: Need a method to measure impact on individual across all platforms instead of measuring each platform's impact. #AM4.0

davemorgannyc: #am4.0 TRAs Harvey gets specific: set-box data + shopping data helps mkters find "heavy swing purchasers" and find TV shows to target them

maurygiles: Newspaper tidbit: customization not always king-Graham of NYTimes: a user value is serendipitous "discoveries" in reading paper. #AM4.0

wpollak: RT @AnnaMariaVirzi: Nielsen Online CEO says online publishing model is broken: #am4.0 He has a very good point

behaviorology: @appssavvyceo great commentary at #am4.0: social media need to focus on adding value & utility to the experience, not "intercept" with ad.

agnewfarms: RT @shelila: Nielsen/CTAM: adults use mobile tech to save time. Teens use it to kill time. #am4.0

clarkvalberg: 86% of all US light home consumable goods purchases are tracked via frequent shopper cards (via @RobGonda) #am4.0

mcutler: Colleen Fahey Rush/MTV: to influence teens make ads: 1. funny 2. easy to share 3. memorable 4. short. Smart yet common sense. #am4.0

maurygiles: Ken Wilber from Duke Univ: TV networks currently sell time, what they should be doing is selling attention (scarce resource today). #am4.0

joelrubinson: roi modeling is backward looking. must distill insights to inform the next media campaign #mr #am4.0

jchaps: RT @theconsumerlab : Emmers @ #am4.0 very good q: what is the ROI for our ROI research?

dbrandt55: #am4.0 Tommas Emmers Unilever economy pushes brands to spend in traditionl media and away from new/unknown.

jchasin: #am4.0 cookies who need cookies are the luckiest cookies in the world. But people, they ain't.

drcheezie: TV ads were/are tolerated becuz viewers got "free TV" - Soc media measures should track what consumers get for interacting w/brands! #am4.0

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