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Coca Cola Exec To Co-Chair the ARF's Online Research Quality Council

May 27, 2009

New York, NY – May 27, 2009

Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President - Marketing Strategy & Insights at Coca-Cola pushes for aggressive and collaborative action to address the industry’s online data quality issue; Replaces Kim Dedeker who has left Procter & Gamble Company to join Kantar; Robert (Bob) Tomei of IRI continues as the other co-chair.

The initial results of the Foundations of Quality research project recently conducted by the ARF represent a defining moment for the market research industry. Taking the helm of the ARF’s Online Research Quality Council (ORQC) at this confluence of insights, solutions, and metrics, Stan Sthanunathan, Vice President – Marketing Strategy & Insights at Coca-Cola, assumes this key role at an opportune time as results from the ARF-led Foundations of Quality (FoQ) research-on-research project become available.

Findings from the FoQ study are already paying dividends, leading to a better understanding of operational procedures to boost data quality, improving online survey response quality, and enhancing reliability of results, via metrics guidelines.

Stan, a proponent of an action agenda, states: “Having lived through quality challenges, I have a very high level of passion for this subject. I firmly believe that our work will impact the industry in a big way. The need of the hour is an industry solution. But, we do not have the luxury of waiting for a long time to come up with a perfect solution. Let us set our respective agendas aside and work together to resolve this challenge.”

Kim Dedeker, now Chair, Kantar Americas thinks Stan is a ‘terrific choice’ to provide leadership from the client perspective: "Stan has been one of our key partners in the war on quality. He is extremely passionate and well versed in the challenges and issues that face the industry." Dedeker will remain on the governing board and believes that the ORQC and the ARF represent the best hope for the industry to significantly improve online data quality.
Robert Tomei, Founder and Co-Chair adds: “First, I want to thank Kim for her leadership and support of the Online Research Quality Council and we look forward to her continued and active participation on the Governing Board. Since the very beginning of the ORQC, Stan has been a tremendous advocate of developing a solution based on the facts, and now that we have achieved that with the ‘Foundation of Quality’ study, we can move into identifying solutions that the Industry can adopt to address the real issues around online research quality. Having the right leaders and companies represented on the ORQC will ensure that we achieve this objective”.

The Online Research Quality Council was established in 2007 under the auspices of the Advertising Research Foundation at the behest of advertisers and research companies to address a critical business and industry need: the improvement of online survey quality. The ORQC will begin releasing its extensive findings in June, while critical committees address industry solutions and fact-based quality metrics.

The next meeting of the ORQC is scheduled for ARF Members on June 9th, 2009 2:30 PM at the ARF’s NY HQs. In addition to industry solution and metrics updates, new results from the FoQ project on the topics of overlap, duplication, and multi panel membership will be presented.

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