Post Re:think 2011 Update on NeuroStandards

Clarity Regarding the NeuroStandards Collaboration Project

"As an advertiser I see immense value in this initiative. Personally I have learned a lot from my involvement and I will be directly sharing the learning and implications with the Colgate team, as we continue to use these 'neuro' tools."
- Richard Thorogood, Director of Strategic Insights & Analytics, Colgate Palmolive
Sponsor of Neurostandards Collaboration 1.0

"The Neurostandards collaboration is a process. We are in the early stages, but it will be worth it even if we have to go to Neurostandards 7.0 because the learning that is possible will change the way we all think about advertising."
- Bob Woodard, Vice President, Global Consumer and Customer Insights at Campbell Soup Co; Sponsor of Neurostandards Collaboration 1.0.


We are posting this on the ARF website to ensure that those who were not in attendance and therefore unable to hear the findings first-hand fully understand the promise and importance of this growing industry.

The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) believes the nascent industry of neuroscience and biometrics measurement has the potential to change the way we think about advertising. The ARF Neuromarketing co-chair explained it this way, "It's clear that emotion plays an important role in the effectiveness of advertising. It's also clear that exciting progress is being made in measuring these emotions. These are still early days for those approaches, as well as for their ability to explain consumer behaviors. The next five years will be a time of great learning." The goal of the Neurostandards Collaboration is to create standards so that this science can be most effectively applied to the evaluation of marketing communications elements.

That is why we have brought together leading marketers, research vendors, advertising agencies and media companies as part of our NeuroStandards Collaboration Project to spearhead the efforts of the marketing community to make well-informed decisions about the use of these scientific approaches.

At Re:think 2011 we presented our phase one findings regarding the use of neuroscience methodologies within marketing research. We are particularly appreciative of the research vendors who have shown their willingness to put their work up to scrutiny by peers and participate in this seminal study.

While we are pleased with the results of this initiative so far, the NeuroStandards Collaboration is a process, and it is far from over. Research vendors, marketers, agencies and media companies will be far better positioned to understand the implications of neuroscience research as we complete future phases of this project. Specifically, we will release a detailed white paper with best practice recommendations in summer 2011, and we are forming an ARF Expert Review Network that will give ARF members access to a team of independent academics to whom advertisers can submit proposals and reports from neuromarketing vendors for review by 2-3 experts.

The ARF Neuromarketing forum is another venue for our ongoing evaluation of neuromarketing research. This forum, under the leadership of Horst Stipp (EVP of Global Business Strategy at the ARF), Bob Woodard (Vice President, Global Consumer and Customer Insights at Campbell Soup Co.), Richard Thorogood (Director of Strategic Insights & Analytics, Colgate Palmolive), and Janet Gallent (VP, Strategic Research at NBCU), will meet on a regular basis to discuss the field of neuromarketing and set an agenda for future research. The date for the next forum meeting is scheduled for May 10.

Finally, we are formulating the next phase of this research, NeuroStandards 2.0 that will focus on validation of selected hypotheses. We would value suggestions from the industry regarding the learning goals of this next phase.

Read our press release about the NeuroStandards Project.

Innerscope Research, one of the NeuroStandards research suppliers, completed an ARF Research Review. Request a copy of that review.

For additional information about the NeuroStandards Collaboration Project, please contact:

Dr. Horst Stipp, EVP of Global Research Strategy at the ARF