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Olson Zaltman Associates

Olson Zaltman Associates is an internationally respected research and consulting firm. Founded in 1997 by Professors Jerry Olson of Penn State University, and Gerald Zaltman of the Harvard Business School, Olson Zaltman Associates specializes in techniques that target consumers’ implicit thoughts, feelings and knowledge. Our methodologies have transformed how some of the world’s largest and most respected companies approach their markets and marketing strategies.Translating the most recent advances in a broad range of academic disciplines into innovative research tools, Olson Zaltman Associates uncovers the deep orientations and motivations that drive human behavior. Since the vast majority of these insights are hidden away in the unconscious, they are often missed by traditional market research. At Olson Zaltman Associates, we work closely with our clients to transform these deep insights into successful marketing actions. 

938 Penn Avenue, Suite 800
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


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