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Bringing the Consumer Back Into the Mix: Part 3

Using Agent-Based Modeling to Power Marketing Mix Optimization

Fundamental shifts in the consumer marketing landscape have created a demand for better ways to understand both consumers and the marketing used to influence them. Historically, firms have used a variety of statistical techniques to build mathematical representations of the relationship between marketing spend and the resulting outcomes. And in the past, when there were fewer options on how to spend marketing dollars, these techniques fit the requirement well. Today, the number of options available to connect with consumers has exploded—each with unique measurements, resulting in the need for a transformation in the way marketing mix modeling is handled.

The final webinar in a three-part series on agent-based modeling, this session will focus on:

  • How agent-based modeling is applied in specific business cases
  • The results companies are seeing from using agent-based modeling

Presented by:
Paul Bierzychudek – Director Business Solutions, ThinkVine



Bringing the Consumer Back Into the Mix: Part 3
November 21, 2013


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