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Measuring Brand Lift With Google Consumer Surveys

Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Time: 1:00–2:00pm EST

Historically, if a brand wanted to see how its advertising campaign impacted things like consumers’ purchase intent, brand awareness or brand favorability, it would have to wait weeks or months to conduct expensive survey research. Now with Brand Lift surveys in AdWords, advertisers can use the speed and scale of the web to gain a better, more nuanced understanding of how their campaigns are performing -- results are accurate, occur in real-time, and don’t cost anything extra.

Brand Lift surveys are powered by Google Consumer Surveys, which launched in April 2012 and run across many partner sites, such as NY Daily News, SJ Mercury News, Bloomberg, YouTube and other publishers.  

Join this webcast to learn more about Brand Lift surveys and how to start using it to measure your advertising impact.

Presented by:
Paul McDonald – Product Manager, Google Consumer Surveys

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Measuring Brand Lift With Google Consumer Surveys
January 29, 2014


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