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Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media For Research and Marketing

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2010 • 9:00AM–2:00PM
Agenda | Speakers
The Advertising Research Foundation
432 Park Avenue South, 6th Floor, New York City


With millions of people participating on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, brands can no longer avoid social media as an effective research and marketing channel. In fact, if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world. Data has shown that social networking is becoming the most popular activity online—even more popular than email or search. But what does this mean for your business?

This half-day workshop not only answers that question, but goes further to explore best practices for using social media as a research and marketing tool. And it isn’t just for beginners, as we delve into:

  • Setting up a listening strategy
  • Creating actionable insights from listening
  • Developing a social media marketing strategy
  • Infusing social across the organization
  • Measuring social media’s effectiveness

Gain insights on moving from listening, to actionable insights, to a well-thought out social media strategy. Hear case studies that identify the best tools for listening to the consumer, and the best ways to use social networks to listen to and engage your consumers. Learn how to infuse social media across the organization, as well as how to measure social media’s effectiveness.


Social Media Bootcamp: Social Media For Research and Marketing
October 27, 2010


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