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The ARF Knowledge Center serves as a central resource for the wealth of materials relating to advertising research. Learn more!


Get smart quickly with our database of at-hand knowledge addressing key issue areas in the industry. Each Knowledge@Hand provides a concise 2-6 page overview of the findings from major studies and research on the topic.

Knowledge@Hand topics include research on:

  • Advertising Wearout
  • Cross Media Synergy
  • Display Ad Benchmarks
  • Effectiveness of Different TV Commercial Lengths
  • Erwin Ephron on Advertising Frequency/The Role of Frequency in Media Planning
  • Ethnographic Research
  • Executional Elements - TV
  • Hispanic Marketing
  • Impact of Online on Offline Purchase Behavior
  • In Game Advertising
  • LGBT Marketing
  • List of Glossaries of Advertising Related Terms
  • Marketing Accountability & ROI
  • Marketing to Moms
  • Mobile Marketing - Retail
  • Neuromarketing and non-traditional Ad testing methods
  • Online Advertising Planning
  • Online Clutter
  • Online Video Ad Length Effectiveness
  • Out of Home Advertising effectiveness
  • Print Advertising - Executional Elements
  • Product Placement/Branded Entertainment
  • Radio Advertising Effectiveness
  • Share of Voice/Share of Market
  • Social Media Overview
  • Superbowl Advertising Research
  • Survey Research: A Guide to Design, Testing, Fielding and Interpreting Results
  • Value of a Social Media Impression - Social Media Impressions on Facebook
  • Virtual Shopping

Knowledge@Hands are accessible by signing in on My ARF, then clicking on the "Store" link on the top of the ARF home page or by searching through PowerSearch.

ARF Members can download Knowledge@Hands for free.

Non-ARF Members can purchase a Knowledge@Hand for $99 each through the ARF Store after signing in at My ARF.

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