Journal of Advertising Research - Overview
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Celebrating 50 years, the Journal of Advertising Research 50th Anniversary Special Edition is packed with analysis and insights from over 40 internationally renowned academics and industry leaders.

Journal of Advertising Research - Overview

The mission of the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR) is to act as the research and development vehicle for professionals in all areas of marketing including media, research, advertising and communications. The JAR provides a forum for sharing findings, applications, new technologies and methodologies, and avenues of solution. Its primary audience is the practitioner at all levels of practice.

The ARF began publishing the Journal of Advertising Research in 1960, and since its inception, it has become one of the seminal journals in the industry. The Journal encourages dialogue between practitioners and academics to expand the scientific body of knowledge about all facets of marketing and advertising research and to facilitate translation of that knowledge to support the ARF's mission of ‘effective business through research and insights’.

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Publishers of JAR

JAR is published quarterly for The ARF by Warc. Warc is a leading supplier of knowledge and data to the global marketing community. Its other publications include Admap, the International Journal of Advertising and the online database

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"JAR keeps us grounded—years of valuable experience written and shared with the industry to help keep us focused on more meaningful marketing and research practices."
Kate Sirkin – Starcom MediaVest Group