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Celebrating 50 years, the Journal of Advertising Research 50th Anniversary Special Edition is packed with analysis and insights from over 40 internationally renowned academics and industry leaders.

Henry Assael wins Journal of Advertising Research Best Paper Award

Henry Assael will be hosting an open webcast on his research on May 24, 2012, visit here to register!


Professor Henry Assael of New York University was announced winner of the Best Paper published in 2011 at the ARF 2012 Great Mind Awards on March 28. His paper “From Silos to Synergy: A Fifty-Year Review of Cross-Media Research Shows Synergy Has Yet to Achieve its Full Potential” was specially researched and written for Journal’s 50th Anniversary Special Edition.

The winning paper was voted for by the Journal's expert editorial advisory board who were asked to consider, “Which paper published had the most significant contribution to advertising theory? And which has had an impact on advertising practices?”

Geoffrey Precourt, editor-in-chief of the Journal, commented, “Dr. Assael’s paper did what every fine piece of research should do: It looked back to give us an idea of what’s ahead. Dr. Assael didn’t pull any punches. His essential message is that the creation of so many ways to connect with consumers has changed the very nature of marketing research in the last half-century. In the last 20 years, especially, as the idea of a cross-platform metric has been an industry-wide ambition, Dr. Assael demonstrates how the rules of engagement have continued to change.”

On accepting his award Henry Assael said,

“It is indeed an honor to be the first recipient of the Great Mind Award for the Best Paper in the Journal of Advertising Research. I think it is particularly fitting that the award is for a paper on cross-media research given the importance of the subject. It was very revealing to take a retrospective view of cross-media research over a 50-year period and the realization that so much of this work has appeared in the Journal

In short, I found progress in moving from a siloed, building-block approach to media planning to a recognition that media allocations have to take account of the synergies of cross-media effects. That being said, there has been little progress in developing models and measures to effectively account for such synergies. Perhaps the most glaring deficiency is the lack of accounting for cross-media effects on ROI. We’ve come a long way, but we’ve got an even longer way to go.”

The Journal’s editors and the Advertising Research Foundation also congratulate the runners-up for this award, Gerard Tellis and Scott Koslow, for their paper on scanner panel data, and Robert Heath for his study on television advertising. Both of these papers also came from the Journal’s 50th Anniversary Edition.

Please find the full text of all three papers on the links below:

Henry Assael – New York University
From Silos to Synergy: A Fifty-year Reviewof Cross-media Research Shows Synergy Has Yet to Achieve its Full Potential

Robert G. Heath – University of Bath
The Secret of Television’s Success: Emotional Content or Rational Information? After Fifty Years the Debate Continues

Scott Koslow – University of Waikato & Gerard J. Tellis – USC Marshall School of Business
What Scanner-Panel Data Tell Us about Advertising: A Detective Story with a Dark Twist


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