Current Research Initiatives
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Current Research Initiatives

Here at the ARF, Research is our middle name. Our goal is to focus the industry and lead research on topics vital to advertising and marketing research.

ARF initiatives concern theory and practice, and have the goal of improving advertising investment and effectiveness. Ideas for research initiatives come out of our Forum Program and from conversations with members.

The ARF Research team also engages in several Arrowhead projects every year. Arrowhead projects are primary research initiatives conducted by teams of ARF member companies with shared topic interests. These projects encourage collaboration between members and academics, and offer proof-of-concept demonstration that members can readily adapt to their own purposes at a fraction of the normal cost. Learn more about Arrowhead Research and get involved.

If you’d like to suggest an ARF Research Initiative, simply Contact Us and get the conversation started.

We are also here to help our members conduct best-in-class research of their own. The ARF Knowledge Center has several services available to help members answer secondary research questions.

Our PowerSearch tool is the industry’s most powerful search for research on advertising and marketing effectiveness.

Members can also contact one of our expert Knowledge Specialists to request help with research inquiries. Learn more about the services provided by our Knowledge Center and make sure to get the most out of your ARF membership!


Journal of Advertising Research

What We Know About Peer-to-Peer Marketing
June 2014, Vol. 54, No. 2

Since its launch by the ARF in 1960, the Journal of Advertising Research has become one of the seminal journals in the industry. Enjoy this free digital download of the 50th Anniversary issue.



"“The ARF provides a rare opportunity to interact with people on the other spokes of the research wheel; to see how people on the advertising, research vendor and brand level use the same research I do, but differently. This way I can be more in synch with what the industry is doing and that allows me to work more effectively."
Daria Nachman – Director of Marketing Research, ABC National TV Sales


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