ARF Industry Leader Forum 2013 - Program

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

State of Affairs

7:30am Registration Opens
8:158:45am Sponsored Breakfast Presentations

The evolution is being televised, digitized, socialized and converged.
Are your marketing efforts keeping up?

As marketing continues to evolve at a lightening pace, IRI is transforming how activities are valued, moving beyond mere mix modeling to holistic programs that drive enhanced marketing productivity and profitable activation. Learn about how IRI has evolved its marketing productivity assessment program and hear how the company is driving insights that deliver value and growth.
Srishti Gupta – EVP & General Manager, IRI Media & Testing Solutions
Patrick Moriarty, Ph.D. – Executive, Advanced Analytics, IRI

Time to Reboot: A New Approach Reveals Deeper Insights
Analytic Partners and Choice Hotels International will share an innovative approach that integrates cookie level metrics to go beyond traditional marketing mix modeling. This new approach has enabled Choice Hotels to overcome the weaknesses of last click attribution and step change their online and offline strategy.
William Carlson – SVP, Performance Analytics, Choice Hotels International, Inc.
Maggie Merklin – SVP, Global, Analytic Partners
9:009:15am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Opening disclaimers, secure your own oxygen mask first, hold on tight (and exit instructions). Create new initiatives and partnerships to make business impact.
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO and President, Advertising Research Foundation
Round One: Whose Models Are Keeping Up with the Consumers?
The world’s leading and largest buyers share where they feel we are today. They share how their advertising mixes have evolved in the “new normal world,” and whether our insights and analytics are keeping pace with the consumer. How much does their management integrate their models into decision making? What are the ingredients of a great modeling partner? Hear their wishes to keep their seats at the decision tables.
Patrick McGraw – Director, Consumer & Market Knowledge, Procter & Gamble
Charles McLeish – Sr. Director, Marketing Planning & Services, Lego
Julie Perlish – Senior Director, Advertising Insights, ESPN, Inc.
Pathikrit SenGupta – SVP, Analytics, Hill Holliday
John Walthour – Director, Global Consumer Insights, General Mills
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO and President, Advertising Research Foundation
Round Two: Your Wish is My Command – Future Now
Genies and industry futurists disclose their success strategies, visions, and victories to date. Hear about what experiments are most exciting to these panelists and how they find co-creation partners. What are the most important lessons learned?
Neil Canter – President, Global Analytic Consulting, Nielsen
Jeffrey Graham – Global Ad Research Director, Twitter
Pat LaPointe – EVP, MarketShare Partners
Brad Smallwood – Head of Measurement and Pricing, Facebook, Inc.
Nancy Smith – President & CEO, Analytic Partners
Michael von Gonten – Chief Analytics Consultant, Effective Marketing Management
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO and President, Advertising Research Foundation
10:15–10:45am Reboot and Re-energize
10:45–11:30am Moving Marketing Mix Models Forward
Cross-platform, big data, and the need for speed and accessibility are just some of the issues contributing to the increasing complexity of marketing mix models. How do we move toward more standardization and collaboration? Mix it up in these four breakout sessions to discuss, debate, and deliver recommendations.
Rex Briggs – CEO, Marketing Evolution, Inc.
Gian Fulgoni – Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc.
Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia
Jim Spaeth – Partner, Sequent Partners
11:40am–12:00pm Priorities for the Future
Breakout session moderators share the top three issues from each group. How do we, as an industry, solve them? What are our priorities? How can the ARF help?
Rex Briggs – CEO, Marketing Evolution, Inc.
Gian Fulgoni – Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc.
Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia
Jim Spaeth – Partner, Sequent Partners

Outside Perspectives

12:0012:45pm Lunch
The Accidental Futurist
Put on a futuristic lens and learn how market research will evolve in one of two ways in an attempt to cope with accelerating and discontinuous change. What are disruptive trends you should be considering? How do we bend research forward?
Robert Moran – Partner, Brunswick Group
1:15–2:00pm Future-Proofing: Gaining Perspective on Modeling Outside of Marketing
How have other kinds of models changed and evolved? Three experts in fields outside of marketing/advertising share their perspectives on models they once thought impenetrable, but in fact changed dramatically, and their journey through the process.

What Do Robots Dream Of?
What we can learn from how machines view themselves? Processes such as self-reflection and theory-of-mind play a key role in human social behavior, from cooperation to competition and manipulation. This talk highlights experiments in robotic systems that achieve similar meta-cognitive capacities, and demonstrates how the same technology can be used to model and predict human behavior.
Hod Lipson – Associate Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Computing & Information Science, Cornell University

From Personal Genomics to Personalized Healthcare
In the near future people will gain affordable access to their complete genome sequence comprised of millions of data points. Once believed beyond the pale, in the realm of science-fiction we will know our predispositions for genetic diseases and complications. The result? Diagnoses will profoundly change, enabling us to personalize treatment. Learn about the current shift underway from a hypothesis-based, predictive model to a novel, inquiry-based approach, including the power and pitfalls.
Joel Dudley – Director of Biomedical Informatics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine.
2:00–2:20pm Reboot and Re-energize


2:202:30pm Leadership Montage
2:303:10pm Partnering for Solutions
Partner with a peer to discuss your marketing mix model challenges and threats. Leverage this deep dive to prioritize your challenges, ways to solve them, and next steps.         
3:15–3:45pm Leadership via Marketing Mix Models
How do you defend your marketing mix model to your CEO and board of directors? How do you defend your model when a 23-year-old genius pokes holes and can do it cheaper and faster? How do you choose your best suppliers when all claim to have the magic sauce? Discuss these questions in groups of 6–8 people.
3:45–4:15pm Mix Modeling Unplugged
In this fast-paced round robin discussion, share what you learned throughout the afternoon that causes you think about mix modeling differently. What did you learn that causes you to think about “traditional research” differently? What might the research department of the future look like? Moderated by ARF member thought leaders.
4:154:30pm Closing Remarks
Take a breath, take a bow, and be inspired to collaborate and create new initiatives and partnerships.
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO and President, Advertising Research Foundation
4:305:30pm Cocktail Reception
Connect and unwind with your colleagues.

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