2008 Great Mind Awards Winners

2008 Great Mind Awards Winners

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This award was presented to the following individuals who have developed innovative research ideas – methodology, theory, service and solution.

Grand Winner 

John Hallward – Ipsos-ASI


Gold – John Kearon – BrainJuicer

Silver – Ali Moiz – Peanut Labs

Silver – Simon Davies – M:30

Bronze – Helen Katz – Starcom MediaVest Group

Bronze – Sandy Eubank – OMD

Certificate of Recognition Winners

Laurent Flores – CRM Metrix
Esther “E.T.” Franklin – SMG Multicultural
Ann Green – Millward Brown
Tim Kelsall – Millward Brown
Jim Kite – MediaVest
James Lamberti – comScore
Chris Maier – Dynamic Logic
Patrick Moriarty – OTX
Melissa Mullen – 20th Century Fox
George Pappachen – Dynamic Logic
Amy Shea – Brand Keys
Dan Stubbs – MediaVest
Radha Subramanyam – The N/Nick
Brian Wahlberg – Research International
Kirk Ward – Research International


This award was given to the following researchers who have less than 7 years experience, and whose contributions during the last year marked the individual as a researcher with potential for future greatness.

Grand Winner 

Lisa Cavanaugh - GfK


– Luiz Duarte – Tivo, Inc.

Silver – Jody Ayers – Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Bronze – Todd Kirby – Spark Communications

Certificate of Recognition Winners

Ashmeed Ali – OTX
Laura Bernstein – IAG Research
Heather Evans – Keller Fay Group
Katherine Laine – Research International
Kara Manatt – Dynamic Logic
Surag Patel – comScore
Jake Raroque – comScore
Pixie Seth – Horizon Media
Dan Stubbs - MediaVest


Awarded to individuals who made an outstanding contribution to the ARF in the prior year. From above-and-beyond duty to providing pro-bono services, these are members who have made significant contributions to the success of the ARF and the industry.

Lifetime Achievement Winners

Erwin Ephron – Ephron Consultancy

Tim Brooks – Lifetime TV


Artie Bulgrin – ESPN

Burtch Drake – AAAA

Dr. Tom Evans – ESPN

Steve Fredericks – TNS

Bill Harvey – TRA

Jack Loftus - Nielsen

Kathi Love – MRI

Brian McAndrews – aQuantive

Jessica Pantanini – Bromley

Marissa Sison - GfK

Jack Wakshlag – Turner

Phyllis Woolley Roy – Genentech

Certificate of Recognition Winners

Paul McClean – Millward Brown
Debbie Solomon – MindShare

2007 Great Mind Awards

ARF Rising Star Awards

Alima Wheeler
Associate Director, GM Planworks

Alima receives this award based on her role as a team player and research innovator as well as her exemplary work ethic. Alima’s credits include coordinating a research and development study for GM to assess the role and impact of TV media context on advertising performance. For this project, she turned a previously untested proprietary methodology into reality, assisting the development of complex methodology, tracking the work across multiple offices, and monitoring and profiling dozens of commercials in multiple languages.

Renetta McCann, the CEO of Starcom MediaVest Group said of Alima, “She is not only a highly competent researcher and interpreter of data, but also a deft project manager. She exudes a maturity and strength of character that makes her universally respected by those who work for her and with her, as well as those who are fortunate enough to manage her growth and development.”

Robert Cardarelli
Director of Cross Media, Millward Brown

Robert’s success is demonstrated in the key role he has played at Dynamic Logic and Millward Brown in the development and execution of cross media research. He has implemented new methodologies, including the addition of new forms of frequency analysis for cross media research. And, he has helped to develop brand new methodologies and tools that were adopted as the standard within Dynamic Logic.

Robert is adroit at training other researchers, serving as a methodological expert for colleagues and clients, and he has helped to mentor new researchers within his organization.

ARF Innovation Grand Award Winner

Brad Fay
COO, The Keller Fay Group

We honor Brad for his innovation in the emerging arena of Word of Mouth. Brad, together with Ed Keller, is the principal designer of the first broad-based audience research system for word of mouth. The system he designed measures consumer word of mouth conversations about brands and systems on a total population basis. It measures both offline as well as online word of mouth, and it measures not only what “speakers” are saying, but also what impact their words have on the “listeners” and their brand perceptions. His new system has been used by clients in a number of industries and has been cited prominently in industry publications.

ARF Innovation Award Winners

Sandy Eubank
Director, U. S. Research & Communication Insights, OMD

Engagement is a significant issue that the ARF is addressing through a variety of means. Sandy has made substantial theoretical and empirical contributions to the topic, especially on media engagement. She directed a large study that provided clear insights on the nature of how Engagement in the media context varies and the interaction between the ad and the media context. The results of her study supported the idea that most of today’s Engagement measures appear to load onto one factor in a factor analysis. This is an important first step in coming to grips with the many different potential ways that Engagement in media can be defined.

Alice Kendrick
Professor, Southern Methodist University.

We celebrate Alice for her extraordinary contribution to knowledge on the potential for United States public diplomacy. Alice systematically, dispassionately and innovatively evaluated a controversial public diplomacy campaign developed for the State Department’s Shared Value Initiative. This was a campaign to reach Muslim countries shortly after September 11th. She applied standard ARF metrics and evaluation to a new field of study and, through advertising research, effectively challenged conventional wisdom in such non-advertising areas as warfare, conflict prevention, and propaganda. Her results reopened the possibility that advertising could be used as an effective tool of soft power in the fight against terrorism. Her research has initiated widespread dialogue and has been presented at industry associations as well as to the U. S. Congress.

Robert Passikoff
President, Brand Keys

Robert receives this award based on his contribution to the industry in the area of consumer loyalty and engagement. Robert’s development and validation of a research model that can accurately measure and predict shifting consumer values has provided solid leadership on loyalty research to the industry. In addition, he has developed and validated an application that measures the engagement in media brands and their effect on brand messages. His model bridges the elusive “marketing ROI” measurement gap and his data is proven to highly correlate with sales and profitability.

ARF Member Recognition Awards

Dan Belmont
CMO, The Marketing Arm

Dan serves as the Chair of the ARF Experiential Marketing Council and has been a key player in the development and execution of the ARF’s Event Engagement Study. Without his dedication and passion, the ARF would not have been able to effectively leverage the companies contributing to the study nor have been able to advance it as far as it has gone to date.

Tim Brooks
EVP, Research, Lifetime TV

Tim is also the Chair of an ARF Council. He leads the Video Electronic Media Council and over the last year has held Council meetings that consistently break the record for attendance. Tim’s focus on insuring that the ARF offers its members an opportunity to shed light on all key issues has led to standing room only sessions.

Mike Donahue
EVP, Member Services, AAAA

Mike has provided exceptional leadership on the MI4 committee and strong commitment to and partnership with the ARF.

David Hudson
EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Campbell Ewald

David has served on the ARF Board of Directors and dedicated himself to providing excellent counsel, support and insight.

Jerry Lee
President & Owner, WBEB-FM

Jerry served as a member of the ARF Board of Directors and provided the ARF with strong support.

Gerald Lukeman
Chairman Emeritus, Ipsos-ASI

Gerry has dedicated countless hours to the ARF as the 2007 Chair of the Ogilvy Awards program. Gerry offered strategy review and helped with program execution. He has been available to help us review materials, and encourage entries. His leadership helped us to make this year’s program an outstanding success.

Steve Morris
President & CEO, Arbitron

Steve has offered the ARF counsel not only as a member of the ARF Board of Directors, but also as a member of its Executive Committee. His knowledge of the industry and his leadership have helped the ARF continue to grow.

Karen Radkowsky
Senior Partner, Director of Consumer Research, Ogilvy & Mather

Karen has served a triple role for the ARF. She has proven to be a thoughtful, generous member of the Board of Directors, helped to support the 2007 Ogilvy Awards program as a member of its Advisory Committee, and has served as the co-chair of the Advertising Effectiveness Council.

Alan Wurtzel
President, Research & Media Development, NBC

Alan has offered dedicated leadership and commitment to the ARF as a member of our Board of Directors. He has consistently made himself and other members of the NBC family available to help the ARF.

Gerald Zaltman
Joseph C. Wilson Professor of Business, Harvard Business School

Jerry has served as the ARF’s “spiritual leader” on co-creation and Engagement. With his support, thoughtful contributions and inspiration, the ARF has been able to lead the industry on this very important issue.

2006 Awards

ARF Rising Star Award

Shilpa Damle
Manager, Frito-Lay

David Kaplan
Associate Research Director, IAG Research

ARF Innovation Award

Howard Moskowitz
President, Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.

ARF Member Recognition Award

Paul Donato
Senior Vice President, Chief Research Officer, Nielsen Media Research

Dr. Tom Evans
Senior Vice President, Research, ABC Radio Networks

Stephen Kim
Director, Research MSN

Ray Pettit
Vice President, Product Intelligence & Development, Longwoods International

Alice Sylvester
Senior Vice President, Account Planning Director, Foote Cone and Belding