Frequently Asked Questions


What conferences and events does the ARF put on? How can I learn about next year's convention?
Learn about Re:think, Audience Measurement and workshops on our Events Channel.

How can I register for ARF events?
Registration for all events is now via My ARF.

How can I sign up for an ARF webcast?
View webcast details on the Webcasts page. Sign up via My ARF.

What are the ARF David Ogilvy Awards and ARF Great Mind Awards programs?
Learn about how the ARF recognizes the role of research to effective advertising via the ARF David Ogilvy Awards and the ARF Great Mind Awards that move the industry.

What is the Forum program (formerly known as Councils) and how can I get involved?
Learn about our Forums on topics ranging from Research Quality, Audio Research and Social Media.

What speaking opportunities are available at the ARF?
Find out how to get involved in our conferences and events. See Speaking Opportunities.


How does joining the ARF benefit me and my company?
Learn about our Member Benefits.

Who are ARF the members?
Learn about our advertiser, agency, media, research and academic members. See our Member Directory.

How can I join the ARF?
Learn how to join and who to contact for immediate assistance: Join the ARF.

How do I manage my ARF membership account online?
Use My ARF to manage your account.


How can the ARF help me answer questions about advertising research and effectiveness?
Learn about ARF PowerSearch and the ARF Knowledge Center.

What are the ARF’s research priorities and initiatives?
Get an overview of our research here.


What is the mission statement of the ARF?
The principal mission of the ARF is to improve the practice of advertising, marketing, and media research in pursuit of smarter and more effective marketing communications for business growth. Learn more About the ARF.

Who are the members of the ARF Board of Directors?
Learn about our Board and executive team.

How do I find out about jobs and internships at the ARF?
Learn more about working for the ARF.

How can I contact the ARF?
Contact us by e-mail or phone, or use the Contact Us Form.