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Kevin Clark – President and Founder, Content Evolution; CEO and Co-founder of EduPresence

Kevin Clark is an award-winning brand and business strategist, experience designer, author, and catalyst for purposeful change. He collaborates with business leaders, marketing experts, brand strategists, designers, academics, futurists, human factors scientists, and cultural anthropologists on deep wants and needs of customers and the intersection of emerging social and technology trends. He is president and founder of Content Evolution, a global federation of 40 member companies designed to meet the transformation needs of selected clients around the world. He is also the CEO and co-founder of EduPresence, a company dedicated to the advancement of adult learning, removing the distance in distance learning, and pioneering work in multi-modal learning.

In early 2009 Kevin retired from IBM after 30 years of service. He was director emeritus, Brand and Values Experience, IBM Corporate Marketing and Communications, responsible for discovering and creating new ways for people to experience IBM and its core values and the global IBM Brand Experience Community Leader, a community he founded in 2001. He received recognition from the NASA Astronaut’s office in 2005, an award from IBM as an influential executive advocate for NASA and United Space Alliance in 2006, and the Brand Leadership Excellence Award from the World Brand Congress in 2009.

Before rejoining the IBM corporate staff, Clark was brand steward and portfolio architect of the IBM Think family of personal computer offerings, including IBM ThinkPad notebook computers. He was also director, Business Strategy and Market Intelligence for IBM Personal Systems Group with four direct report managers and a staff of 50. During this time he led 17 executive and industry advisory council programs for IBM with almost 400 global members.

Kevin is the author of Brandscendence: Three Essential Elements of Enduring Brands, published by Kaplan/Dearborn in 2004, and is a contributing author to several other books and articles. He lectures regularly at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, the Yale University Business School, University of Rochester’s Simon School of Business, and University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business. Kevin is a 1978 graduate of the University of Tulsa’s School of Arts & Sciences with a B.S. in communications.

Glenn Enoch – Vice President, Integrated Media Research, ESPN, Inc.

Glenn Enoch joined ESPN as Director of Research & Data Services in January 1998, and was promoted to VP of Audience Research in January 2000, becoming VP of Integrated Media Research in June 2008. Glenn joined ESPN from TeleRep, Inc. where he served as VP of Research & Special Projects. Glenn is responsible for audience and subscriber research on ESPN's U.S. networks as well as ESPN on ABC and the ESPN owned radio stations. He is also responsible for ESPN's cross-media research initiatives, encompassing a variety of single-source and data fusion projects. As part of that initiative, he created the "Seven Principles of Cross-Media Research." He and his staff provide ratings analysis, evaluate new distribution technologies, and inform ESPN's promotional practices. The scope of their work includes set-top box data, VOD, ITV, commercial formatting and behavioral segmentation. They serve virtually all departments within the company including programming, affiliate sales, ad sales, corporate communications, marketing, and finance.

He has been active with research committees for a number of organizations and companies, including the MRC, CONCAM, CIMM, CTAM, TvB, INTV and Nielsen Media Research. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the CONCAM Technical Subcommittee, analyzing methodological issues. He has lectured students from Clemson University, Columbia University, USC, Syracuse University, NYU, St. John's University, Indiana University, University of Tennessee and the University of Oregon. A graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas, Glenn received a B.A. degree in Speech/Radio-TV-Film, graduating magna cum laude in 1979.

Jim Forrest Ph.D. – SVP, Digital Strategy, Ipsos ASI

Jim leads Ipsos ASI digital in the U.S., a business unit within Ipsos ASI dedicated to helping clients develop great advertising in the digital age. This group combines marketing leading advertising expertise of Ipsos ASI with deep knowledge of the digital landscape to bring new, cutting-edge digital measurement systems to market.

Throughout his 15+ year research career, Jim has developed and implemented new and innovative solutions to address business needs relating to emerging media and advertising trends for consumer goods and services, media, and entertainment clients. For the past 5 years, Jim has been focused on helping advertisers understand the importance of testing and optimizing cross-media campaigns as advertising budgets become more complex due to the influence of digital technologies. Among Jim's recent credits is the launch of a multimedia ad testing system, a campaign idea testing product, and the development of the Live|Stream sampling approach, which now powers various Ipsos products. 

In addition to his business experience, Jim has a Ph.D. in social and personality psychology from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  He has published multiple articles in both scholarly journals and trade publications such as the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin and ESOMAR's Research.

Larry Friedman, Ph.D. – Chief Research Officer, TNS North America

Larry Friedman has over 30 years of experience in research and has worked on both the client and research sides of market research. Larry has been one of the main developers of TNS’ models of Brand Equity and Engagement. He consults extensively with senior level client executives on the business implications of their research. He also publishes widely and speaks before numerous industry forums, including ARF, IIR, AMA, and ESOMAR conferences. He also won a 2009 ARF Great Mind Award for Innovation. Larry's market research experience began at General Foods Corporation. Since then he has worked in numerous categories, including FMCG, financial services, pharmaceuticals (OTC and Rx), IT, telecoms, automotive, and others. He has considerable experience in a wide variety of research, including brand equity, tracking, communications (digital and traditional), social media, customer experience, strategic/segmentation studies, and new product development. Larry received his Ph.D. in social psychology from Columbia University.

Don Gloeckler – EVP and Chief Research Officer, ARF

Don Gloeckler is EVP and the Chief Research Officer of the ARF. Don joined the ARF in January, 2012, after completing a 33 year career at The Procter & Gamble Company, where he held research management positions in the United States, Canada and Japan. He has been co-chair of the ARF Research Quality Forum and a member of the TrueSample Quality Council. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of disABILITYinsights, a non-profit organization that studies and represents the needs of persons with disabilities. Previously, Don was a member of the Board of Directors of the Media Rating Council, the Board of Directors and Steering Committee of the Nielsen Media Research Council for Research Excellence, and the Advisory Board for NielsenConnect. In 2006, he was recognized by Advertising Age as one of the magazine's Media Mavens. Don was born and raised in Ohio and holds an M.B.A. from The Ohio State University, a B.B.A. from the University of Cincinnati and a Certificate in Lay Pastoral Ministry from the Athenaeum of Ohio, Mount St. Mary's Seminary. He resides in Cincinnati with his wife, Linda. They have four children and one beautiful granddaughter.

Bill Harvey – Executive Director, Human Effectiveness Institute

Bill Harvey has led the way in media research for over three decades, with special emphasis on the new media. He has on more than one occasion changed the course of the media industry. Bill is now the vice chairman and chief research officer of TRA, Inc., a technology-based media research company, which he co-founded. TRA is the first company to invent and produce a patented means to continuously measure the effects of advertising stimuli on purchase behavior changes on privacy-protected samples of over a million homes.

Early in his media research career, Bill became interested in broader social issues, which he believes can be addressed with solutions centering on the use of the mind at an individual level. This coalesced into a set of theories that became the basis of his nonprofit 501.C.3 foundation, The Human Effectiveness Institute (THEI). Simply stated, the mission of THEI is toimprove decision making by disseminating tools for internal information processing optimization, similar to the media optimization tools he helped invent for the marketing industry. The Democracy Channel is such a tool for the improvement of decision making. One of the first projects of THEI was an effort in 1976 to percolate grassroots ideas up to government. The project was called Plans for America and drew laudatory letters from President Jimmy Carter and key members of Congress. Today that project is being reborn as The Democracy Channel, empowered by the new interactive media that Bill helped create through his newsletter and consulting companies.

In addition to speaking at West Point, Bill has been called upon to counsel the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy in methods of achieving higher performance through improved cognitive methodology—based on the techniques in his book, Freeing Creative Effectiveness. Bill has produced a number of television programs including “Mind Magic: How to Focus for Success”, “The Pope at Castel Gondolfo”, and “The First Ned Harvey”.

Max Kilger – Chief Behavioral Scientist, Experian Simmons

Max Kilger received his doctorate in social psychology from Stanford University and is the chief behavioral scientist for Experian Simmons. His research interests include the integration of multiple large databases consisting of disparate individuals, the association between psychographic data and consumption patterns, and the relationship of people to digital technology. He is responsible for creating the suite of Simmons behaviorgraphics products that integrate the large-scale Nielsen respondent-level television viewing database with 60,000 of the variable Simmons National Consumer Survey (NCS). He also worked on the development of Simmons’ MME media engagement metrics, which incorporate over half a million cross-platform media vehicle ratings, as well as the adaptation of the NCS into the DataStream time series platform. Max currently oversees the development of metrics for large-scale mobile device data sets collected via passive measurement for the new upcoming SimmonsConnect suite of products.

David Marans – EVP, Media, ARF

David Marans, the ARF's EVP of Media, is an industry leader and frequent public speaker. He began his media research career at Young & Rubicam and served as media research director at JWT and Mindshare. After 25 years on the agency side, David joined IAG Research as an EVP in 2005. During his career, he worked closely with clients such as Ford, Sears, Pfizer, and Unilever, and won a citation from the Association of National Advertisers. David is taking a leading role in the ARF Forums and hosts the Audience Measurement conference each year.

Oded Netzer – Philip H. Geier Jr. Associate Professor of Business, Columbia University

Oded Netzer is Philip H. Geier Jr. Associate Professor of Business at Columbia University. He is an eminent researcher in the areas of customer relationship management, preference measurement (conjoint analysis), marketing research, and modeling various aspects of choice behavior, including how choices change over time, contexts, and consumers. He specializes in building statistical and econometric models to understand and predict consumer behavior. Professor Netzer received a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and management from Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), as well as an M.Sc. in statistics and a Ph.D. in business, both from Stanford University. His research has appeared in top academic journals in the field. He is the winner of the John Little best paper awards, the Frank Bass outstanding dissertation award, George S. Eccles Research Fund award and Columbia Business School Dean’s Award for teaching excellence.

Prior to joining Stanford, Professor Netzer was a senior consultant in a marketing research, strategy, and economic consulting group, developing spatial marketing strategies for leading chain stores. At Columbia Business School, Oded teaches the core marketing class to undergraduate students, a course in marketing research to M.B.A. and Executive M.B.A. students, and a course on empirical models in marketing to doctoral students.

Bill Pink – Senior Partner, Client Solutions, Millward Brown

Bill Pink is a thought leader and innovator in the field of accountability research. In his current role as senior partner on the client solutions team, he oversees North America’s marketing science, ROI, and media teams. Bill has focused on expanding Millward Brown’s external presence via public speaking at the ARF, co-authoring a chapter with his client solutions colleagues on marketing accountability and drivers of brand success for an edited volume (released in November 2011), developing and delivering cross media workshops for advertising and media teams across categories, and working across operating companies in MBNA to drive data strategy.

Prior to joining Millward Brown, Bill taught public opinion to undergraduates, provided statistical consultation and support at New York University, managed the quantitative analysis of IBM’s global tracking studies, and conducted research of CRM strategies and segmentation for the Peppers and Rogers Group. Bill holds a Ph.D. in philosophy and an M.A. in politics from New York University, specializing in methodology, and a B.A. in political science and Spanish language and literature from Colgate University. He is an elected member of the Market Research Council and a trustee at the Marketing Sciences Institute.

Steve Rappaport – Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF

Steve Rappaport, ARF knowledge solutions director, helps member companies build brands through the ARF’s Knowledge Center. The ARF Knowledge Center organizes and synthesizes the knowledge generated through ARF activities along with archival sources and trusted third-parties, and then makes them available through a family of self-service sources, including the ARF’s industry-leading PowerSearch database, the Morning Coffee newsreader, and assisted research and consulting services available from the ARF Knowledge Center. Steve is the author of Listen First!: Leveraging Social Media for Business Advantage (Wiley 2011), and lead author of the bestselling The Online Advertising Playbook: Proven Strategies and Tested Tactics from the Advertising Research Foundation (Wiley 2007).

Don Sexton – Academic Director, ARF; Professor of Marketing and Decisions, Risk, and Operations; Faculty Director, Center for International Business Education and Research, Columbia University

Don Sexton is professor of marketing and decisions, risk, and operations and faculty director of the Center for International Business Education and Research at Columbia University. His articles have appeared in numerous journals, including the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, and Management Science. His bestselling books, Marketing 101 and Branding 101, have been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Turkish, Russian, Vietnamese, Polish, Romanian, and Indonesian. Don’s most recent book, Value Above Cost: Driving Superior Financial Performance with CVA, the Most Important Metric You’ve Never Used, explains how marketing drives financial performance and is also available in Chinese.

He serves on the board of the NYAMA, is president of the Association for International Business Education and Research, is an advisor to the Marketing Accountability Standards Board, and is the academic director of ARF University. He is a recipient of Columbia Business School’s Distinguished Teaching Award and received the Marketing Trends Award for his work on marketing and branding strategy. Don is the founder of The Arrow Group, Ltd., a company that has provided consulting and training services to such companies as GE, IBM, Unilever, Pepsi, Sony, DuPont, Pfizer, Volkswagen, Citibank, Boeing, and Verizon. His M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees are from the University of Chicago.

Craig Stacey – Director of Research, Center for Measureable Marketing, NYU

E. Craig Stacey, PhD is a recognized expert in the area of marketing productivity analysis with a special emphasis on marketing mix modeling and online versus offline marketing resource allocation. He is a founding partner of The Analytic Consulting Group and previously served as Analytics Director for MarketShare Partners. Prior to joining MSP, he was Managing Partner at ACG Solutions and Industry Liaison for Emory University's Zyman Institute of Brand Science. He was previously employed as Director of Marketing Science for The Coca-Cola Company and as Vice President of Marketing Science at DemandTec. He has also served as Senior Vice President, Analytic Product Management and Development, at Information Resources, Inc.

Craig received his Ph.D. in Marketing and Statistics from the University of Alabama in 1992, where he specialized in econometric applications of marketplace data. Craig has consulted on projects for many industries, including consumer products, entertainment, financial services, quick-service restaurants, telecommunications, and transportation. He has served as a faculty member at leading business schools, teaching marketing productivity analysis, pricing strategy and tactics, and marketing management. He has been a regular speaker at events sponsored by the Advertising Research Foundation, American Marketing Association, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, and the Institute for International Research. Craig has served as a Trustee of the Marketing Science Institute and as a member of the Advisory Board for The University of Georgia's Master of Marketing Research program.

Horst Stipp – EVP, Global Business Strategy, ARF

Dr. Horst Stipp was senior vice president of strategic insights and innovation in the research department of NBCUniversal in New York, where he oversaw strategic marketing and consumer research for NBCU's TV networks as well as new digital platforms. Stipp received his Ph.D. in sociology from Columbia University and has been involved in media research for over 30 years. His publications, published in both English and German, cover a wide range of topics. Recently, he has written in journals and contributed to books on the development of media in the digital age and has presented on these topics at conferences in the U.S. and Europe. Since 2000, he has been teaching a seminar on media metrics at Columbia University's Business School. He joined the ARF as EVP of Global Business Strategy in 2011.

Richard Zackon – Facilitator, Council for Research Excellence; Adjunct, New York University

Richard Zackon has enjoyed a varied career in media and media research going back to 1973, when he joined the media department at Doyle Dane Bernbach. On the agency side, Richard has experience in planning, buying, and research, and also created the research department for AirTime in 1977. He moved to the sell side in 1983, becoming vice president of Research for the Cable Ad Bureau. He has since consulted for a number of national and regional cable networks and properties, as well as research companies. His online research consulting experience stretches back to 1996. His current research interest focuses on statistical forecasting of TV ratings. Richard received his B.A. in religious studies from Yale and holds graduate degrees from Stanford in statistics and communication research. He received his J.D. from Fordham University School of Law and remains a member of the New York State Bar.

Richard is the facilitator for the Council for Research Excellence, an industry think tank composed of senior advertiser, agency, and media clients of Nielsen. He also conducts trainings for advertising, media, and research companies. He created and teaches a certificate program in audience measurement at the New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Previously, he served as assistant professor of advertising at The University of Texas at Austin.

Richard has trained in and performed stand-up and improvisational comedy. He even attended clown school where he was voted “Class Researcher.” Richard continues to work independently as an executive coach, partnering with professionals in the media and research fields on topics like work productivity, work-life balance, collaboration, and creative thinking.