Audience Measurement 2.0

Audience Measurement 2.0

Symposium Goal: Provide attendees with actionable insights and contrasting perspectives on critical issues in audience measurement of traditional and emerging media and to advance measurement solutions through sharing.

Audience Measurement 2.0




All About Me: The Personalization of Media

Welcoming Remarks
Bob Barocci – President & CEO, The ARF

Introduction to the Convention
Scott McDonald – SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications; Convention Co-Chair
George Shababb – COO, TNS Media Research; Convention Co-Chair

If the Mass Media System Is Broken, Now What?
There’s a new audience measurement matrix surfacing that challenges how we reach and measure consumers, and who is influencing who. This is a 2-part leading edge session.

The Long Tail Proposition
Scott McDonald – SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications
Challenging the Accidental “Influentials” Proposition
Duncan Watts – Professor of Sociology, Columbia University

Digital media is driving down the prototypical reliance on costly mass audience “hits” at high GRPs and CPMs and dialing up a new data-rich niched Long Tail formula for aggregating consumers and optimizing consumer engagement.

Wired Magazine’s Chris Andersen’s provocative new book, The Long Tale, forms the basis for this session. McDonald posits the concept, presents the evidence and debates the implications for traditional audience measurement.

What comes first: the alpha influential or the influential alpha group? Watts implodes the traditional wisdom about key “influentials” who propagate trends and advances a startling new theory about the power of social networks in creating “waves” of interest. Is the “opinion leader,” “tipping point” model wrong, especially in this new über-networked world of consumer connectivity? More than theory, Watts shows us ways to put this revolutionary new concept into practice and maximize the Long Tail phenomena. A panel of industry executives responds.

MODERATOR: Jim Spaeth – Founding Partner, Sequent Partners

Mary Bermel – Category Development Officer, Technology/Telecommunications, Yahoo Inc.!
Jane Clarke – VP, Insights & Innovation, Time Warner Global Media Group
Lee Doyle – CEO North America, mediaedge:cia
Debbie Myers – VP, Media Services & Entertainment, Taco Bell


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Consumer 2.0: Profile of the Digitized Consumer
What does Consumer 2.0 look like? There are new generations who have not been weaned on the three-network, two-newspaper, 10-radio station polemic that we hold so dear. Marketers need to understand how to adapt their thinking and strategies to capture this ever-increasing niched, multi-media digitally-driven audience. This panel will debate tools and strategies to accommodate our ever-changing world.

MODERATOR: Richard Marks – Director of Research, TNS

Mike Bloxham – Director, Insight & Research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University
Artie Bulgrin – SVP Research & Sales Development, ESPN
Jack Myers – Founder & CEO, Myers Publishing
Mitch Oscar – EVP, Director of Carat Digital, Carat USA





MODERATOR: Tom Delaney – SVP, Director of Market Resources, CBS Television Network
A "Thin Sliced World": New Methods, Models and Systems for Media Audience Analysis
Mark Maiville – Director, Media Decision Systems, Experian Research Services

Every Second Counts: The Promise and Reality of Digital Set Top Data
Helen Katz – SVP, Director of Research, Starcom Mediavest Group
Anne Drake – VP, InfoSys Sales & Marketing, TNS Media Research

Bringing Set Top Box Data to Life
Pete Doe – VP, Analytics & Modeling, The Nielsen Company

MODERATOR: Rebecca McPheters – President, McPheters & Co.
Towards Total Audience: Integrating Hardcopy Magazines Readers & Internet Site Audiences through Dynamic Segmentation Fusion
Jim Collins – SVP, Research, Mediamark Research Inc
Mainak Mazumdar – Chief of Measurement Science, Nielsen//NetRatings

Follow the Video: Results from the Ball State University Center for Media Design Pilot for the Nielsen Media Research Council for Research Excellence
Mike Bloxham – Director, Insight & Research, Center for Media Design, Ball State University
Shari Anne Brill – SVP, Director of Programming, Carat USA

MODERATOR: Stephen Freitas – CMO, Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA)
Billboards, Bus-sides, Malls & Shoppers: Integrated Measurement of Outdoor & CPG Purchasing
Pete Doe – VP, Analytics & Modeling, The Nielsen Company

GeoMetro: Subway & Train Station Audience Measurement System in Spain and Australia
Daniel Cuende – R&D Manager, CUENDE Infometrics.

The Impact of Interactive TV Advertising
Duane Varan – Executive Director, Interactive Television Research Institute, Murdoch University
Steve Bellman – Deputy Director, Interactive Television Research Institute, Murdoch University

MODERATOR: Martha Luszcz – VP, Research, ABC Radio Networks
What Happens after 7 days? Analysis of Radio Listening Behavior Using Arbitron's PPM Ratings Panel
Adam Gluck – Project Leader, Arbitron
Scott Stinnett – Senior Project Leader, Research Standards & Practices, Arbitron Inc.

Commercial Audiences: How Does Radio Hold Its Audience through the Commercial Break?
Leslie Wood – President, Leslie Wood Research
Philippe Generali – President & CEO, Media Monitors


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Does Multi-Platform Measure Up?
Cross media measurement is another buzz theme. The silos are open and advertisers and agencies are looking for new, more fluid ways to connect with consumers across all touchpoints. As we measure across media, are we diluting the power of particular media to deliver? Is another layer of measurement necessary to provide clarity and determine patterns of cross-platform usage? This panel will consider current solutions, the tradeoffs for buyers and sellers, and new ideas to address these measurement challenges.

MODERATOR: Henry Assael – Professor of Marketing, NYU

Kelly Andrews – SVP, Director Connections Research & Accountability, Starcom MediaVest Group
Adam Coleman – EVP, Marketing Evolution
Jon Mandel – CEO, NielsenConnect
Jack Wakshlag – Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting System
Ken Wollenberg – COO & General Manager, Simmons Market Research

Closing Remarks for Day One
Scott McDonald – SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications; Convention Co-Chair
George Shababb – COO, TNS Media Research; Convention Co-Chair






The Future Today

Welcoming Remarks
Scott McDonald – SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications; Convention Co-Chair
George Shababb – COO, TNS Media Research; Convention Co-Chair

Internet Media Measurement
Get the inside story from the key players on the internet audience measurement issue!

Mike Shields – Senior Editor, MediaWeek

Lynn Bolger – VP, Advertising & Sales Insights, Yahoo!
Gian Fulgoni – Chairman & Co-Founder, comScore Networks
Mainak Mazumdar – Chief of Measurement Science, Nielsen NetRatings
Randall Rothenberg – CEO, IAB
Beth Uyenco – Global Research Director, Microsoft Digital, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions

The Disrupters: The Latest, Greatest, Hottest & Next …. !
Check out the hottest new technologies emerging in the marketplace! How are they used by consumers? By marketers? Can they be measured? This panel will share the latest innovations and discuss the measurement challenges they present.

MODERATOR: Max Kalehoff – VP of Marketing, Nielsen Buzzmetrics

Kevin McGurn – VP, Sales Leader, nbbc
Beth Uyenco – Global Research Director, Microsoft Digital, Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions
Amanda Welsh – Co-Founder, Interim COO & SVP, Research, IMMI


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Lessons from Around the Globe

China: How Super Girl Transformed a Media Superpower
With nearly half a billion mobile phone users, 100+ million Internet users and the rapid rollout of digital TV, China is fast becoming a media superpower. Learn more about the power of this untapped market, and how one Western-style program captured 400 million viewers, the largest television audience in China’s history.

Matt Brosenne – International Business Director, CSM Media Research
Dave Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corp., & President, CBS VISION

Norway: The Minute Hand Says Revolution in Radio
Martin Mølmen – Market Researcher, P4 Radio Norway

New measurement technologies change the media landscape. Last year, the Norwegian radio industry underwent a huge measurement revolution. For the first time anywhere in the world, using PPM data, they switched to minute-by-minute trading. Mølmen discusses the concerns of radio stations going into a PPM world and why they decided to take the plunge with a revolutionary new approach to trading currency. To learn about the commercial challenges and implications, be here!





MODERATOR: David Ernst – EVP, Director, Insights & Futures, Initiative
Quantifying the Isolated Synergistic Effects of Exposure Frequency for TV, Print & Internet Advertising
Robert J. Cardarelli – Director, Cross Media, Millward Brown

Challenges in Executing Single Source TV/Internet Measurement
Brian Fuhrer – VP, Program Manager, The Nielsen Company

Single Source Multimedia Audience Measurement
Giorgio Licastro – Department Manager, Media Measurement, GfK Eurisko

Single Source Audience & Consumption Measurement in a Non-linear World
Luiz G. Duarte – Primary Researcher, Audience Research & Measurement (AR&M) Services, TiVo

MODERATOR: David Marans – EVP, IAG Research
Return on Engagement: Quantifying the Impact of Reader Engagement on Ad Effectiveness
Wayne Eadie – SVP, Research, Magazine Publishers of America (MPA)

Radio & TV Ad Engagement In Context
James Peacock – President, Peacock Research, Inc.
Scott Purvis – President, Gallup & Robinson

Engagement 2.0: Using Media Engagement to Drive Brand Preference & Sales
Sandy Eubank – US Director of Research, Analytics & Insights, OMD

C-MEEs: Cross Media Engagement Evaluations
Robert K. Passikoff – Founder & President, Brand Keys, Inc.

MODERATOR: Gerard Broussard – Partner, Director, Strategic Insight & Analytics, Mediaedge:cia
A New Way To Measure the Internet in Switzerland
Manuel Dähler – CEO, Mediapulse AG
Markus Jufer – Head of Internet Research, Mediapulse AG

Digital Measurement in a Web 2.0 World
Erin Hunter – EVP, Media & Entertainment, comScore Networks

Pinpoint Online Targeting for Custom Market Segments
Tom Willerer – Director, Insights & Analytics, Starcom
James Mathien – Manager, Insights & Analytics, Starcom

Clutter & Context: Website Clutter & Its Impact on Branding Metrics & Click-Thru Rates
David Breh – Manager, Insights & Analytics, Starcom
Ken Mallon – VP, Digital Ad Effectiveness Consulting, Dynamic Logic – A Millward Brown Company

MODERATOR: Joe Plummer – CRO, The ARF

ARF Experiential Engagement Study: An Update
Paul Murphy – Director of Marketing, Gallup & Robinson, Inc.
Marianne Foley – SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Harris Interactive

The Strategic Planner Hybrid: A New Breed
Belle Frank – EVP, Group Director Brand Planning, Young & Rubicam
Serge Del Grosso – Managing Director, Media Strategy, Lowe New York
Graeme Hutton – SVP, Director of Consumer Insights, Universal McCann



What’s New • Breakthrough • Next: Industry Initiative Updates
Panelists share updates on the latest significant industry initiatives – Project Apollo, PPM, outdoor, print, online, commercial ratings – and debate the implications of each on the future of measurement.

MODERATOR: David Poltrack – CRO, CBS Corp. & President, CBS VISION

Joe Abruzzo – EVP, Director of Research, MPG North America
Bruce Goerlich – EVP & Director, Strategic Resources, ZenithOptimedia USA
Andrea MacDonald – President & CEO, MacDonald Media
Barbara Singer– Director, Strategic Media Information, Kraft Foods
Britta Ware – VP, Research Solutions, Meredith Corporation
Barbara Singer – Director, Strategic Media Information, Kraft Foods

Closing Remarks
Scott McDonald – SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications; Convention Co-Chair
George Shababb – COO, TNS Media Research; Convention Co-Chair


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