Audience Measurement Plus 8.0

Join us for Audience Measurement Plus! July 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30

Audience Measurement Plus is a live and virtual conference comprised of new research papers presented in 30-minute webcasts. This unique event provides an extended look into the hottest topics covered at Audience Measurement 8.0, with all new material!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013 | Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | Tuesday, July 23, 2013 | Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

3:00–5:15pm Presentations (15 Minute Break) • 5:15–6:00pm Networking Reception

Advertising Impact and the Unconscious Mind

Introducing an in-depth psychological ad test: The Morphological approach.
  • Dirk Ziems – Managing Partner (Chairman), Concept M Research & Consulting
  • Terrett Drake – Research Director, Concept M Research & Consulting
Recency and Online Advertising Effectiveness
How the time span between the last ad exposure and the ad effectiveness poll affects online advertising effectiveness measurement.
4:00–4:15pm Break 
You can reach us by Smartphone – You can reach us by Tablet
Exploring factors associated with respondent mode choice for surveys using mobile devices.
CNN All Screen: Integrating Multiple Data Sources to Measure Cross-Platform Viewing
Measuring CNN on TV and digital, in and out of home.
5:15–6:00pm Networking Reception


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

3:00–5:15pm Presentations (15 Minute Break) • 5:15–6:00pm Networking Reception

3:00-3:30pm Commercial Online TV Ratings: National Rollout in Germany

Challenges and first commercial ratings from a cross-platform measurement for web video ads, including GRP and frequency metrics with demographics.

iGRP: New Measurement System and 4 Years of Practice in China 
Miaozhen Systems AdMonitor represents a hybrid methodology of full data tracking and online panel to effectively evaluate IGRP of online advertising.
  • Peking Tan – R & D Director, Greater China, Millward Brown 
  • Amy Gao – Amy Gao – Innovation Director, Miaozhen Systems 
4:00–4:15pm Break 
Speak Their Language – It Makes A Big Difference
Properly defining and speaking to the Hispanic audience in their language results in higher engagement and marketing success.
Mobile Minded Measurement: The Regional Growth of Mobile and What It Means for Content Providers
Mobile consumption is undoubtedly growing, but how should content providers be measuring their audiences in order to capture advertisers’ attention?
  • Rob Favre – Chief Commercial Officer, GM Analytics and Measurement, Triton Digital 
5:15–6:00pm Networking Reception


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3:00–5:15pm Presentations (15 Minute Break) • 5:15–6:00pm Networking Reception

Marketers, Agencies and Publishers Share Their Perceptions of the IAB Rising Stars
The Rising Stars are the next big initiative in high impact display advertising, but how are they perceived by marketers, agencies, and publishers?
  • Shawn Baron – Manager, Research & Insights, Undertone
Emotional Context Drives Media Impact: Exciting New Research
Learn how the emotional context of ads affects ad performance, and how to choose environments that will make your media more effective.
BrandSnapper and John Wannamaker’s Ghost. Measuring the Impact of Engagement with Social Media
New research approach demonstrating how some brands have leveraged social media initiatives to their advantage.
A Look at How Bank of America Optimized Their Social Media Strategy
Bank of America discusses how they were able to redefine their social media goals after analyzing social media engagement at an audience level.
5:00–5:45pm Networking Reception


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

3:00–5:00pm Presentations • 5:15–5:45pm Networking Reception

What Drives Successful Telco Digital Marketing ROI on Facebook?
Using Facebook's view of 600M mobile users, we evaluate how telco marketing campaigns impact device adoption and service provider selection.
  • Sean Bruich – Head of Measurement R&D and Partnerships for Facebook, Inc.
  • Ruth Kricheli – Head of Telco Measurement for Facebook, Inc.
Understanding the Relative Impact of Traditional, Digital & Social Media in The Ad Council's Autism Speaks' Campaign
MSA, Ad Council, and the IAB developed a multi-stage modeling approach to quantify the relative impact of traditional, digital and social media.
Impact of Multi-Screen Strategy Across the Purchase Funnel
Bravo releases findings from its new Transmedia measurement framework, "Total ROI," which links content consumption and advertiser impact.
  • Dave Kaplan – VP, Bravo Advertiser Research for NBCUniversal
  • Eric Cavanaugh – VP, Bravo Program Research for NBCUniversal
How AT&T Optimizes TV Allocations Through Multi-Stage Market Mix Models
AT&T optimizes TV allocations through Mutli-Stage Market Mix Models.
  • Damon Samuel – Lead Manager, Marketing Science and Insights, AT&T Mobility
5:00–5:45pm Networking Reception


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

12:30–2:00pm Webcast Presentations 

“Viewer Guidance in Complex Media Environments” Program Promotion, Spectator Retention and Advertising Impact in Program Schedules of Three German Broadcasting Stations

We discuss ways to present (marketing-) information as a viewer guidance instead of distractors within TV program.

Mobile: Measure the previously Un-measureable. Drive ROMI

Mobile Measurement allows the previously un-measurable to become precision marketing tools that can help drive advertising and marketing ROIs forward.

The ROI of Music in Ads

The ROI of Music in Ads – Both a Qualitative and Quantitative Perspective.

  • Elliot Lum – Vice President, Columbia Records
  • Ann Green - Senior Partner, Corporate Innovation and Solutions, Millward Brown

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