Audience Measurement 8.0 Program

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SUNDAY, JUNE 9 – Pre-Conference Networking





Sunday Social
6:00 – 8:00pm
795 8th Avenue (between 48th and 49th)
Join us for cocktails on the rooftop of Social, a fun NY neighborhood bar. Greet your colleagues and meet new folks!

MONDAY, JUNE 10 – Day 1





Power Breakfast Sessions: Digital Campaign Management, Multi-Screen Strategy, TV Measurement Techniques
8:15 – 8:45am
Majestic, 6th Floor
comScore Sponsored Presentation

One Year Later: Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising
One year after the engaging conversation at AM 7.0 about the rapidly evolving digital advertising ecosystem, questions still abound about the state of the market and its future. How are we measuring audience delivery and what do pre-buy negotiations look like among advertisers and their media partners? Have we settled on a digital GRP as a cross-media comparable metric, and if so, how is it being used today? Is viewable impression measurement here to stay, and what continue to be some of its biggest barriers and opportunities?   During this breakfast session, Gian Fulgoni will be joined by a group of industry leaders to address these questions and more.

Aaron Fetters – Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company
Gian Fulgoni – Chairman and Founder, comScore, Inc.
Anne Hunter – SVP Advertising Effectiveness, comScore, Inc.
Scott McDonald - SVP, Market Research, Condé Nast Publications 
Kate Sirkin – EVP Research, Starcom MediaVest Group

Shubert, 6th Floor Award Winning Submission Impact of Multi-Screen Strategy Across the Purchase Funnel
Cross-platform impact has been the topic of many research studies but to date it has been focused in one of two distinct areas: media usage across screens and how multi-screen advertising affects brand metrics like brand awareness. This paper brings a new metric to the market – find out about “Total ROI” an even  richer measurement tool.

Eric Cavanaugh – VP, Bravo Program Research, NBCUniversal
Dave Kaplan – VP, Bravo Advertiser Research, NBCUniversal

Empire, 7th Floor Kantar Media Sponsored Presentation Beyond Demographics: Accelerating Automotive Advertising Success
While auto companies spend significant amounts on advertising, they face increasing pressures to get the most from their investment. Learn how advanced television measurement techniques can help advertisers target actual car buyers and assess viewer engagement so they can drive for success. 

Jeff Boehme – Chief Research Officer, Kantar Media Audiences


Goals, Greetings, and Deliverables from the New ARF
9:00 – 9:15am
Broadway Ballroom,
6th Floor
Welcome & Opening Remarks Colleen Fahey Rush – Chief Research Officer, Viacom Media Networks; Chair, ARF
Gayle Fuguitt – CEO & President, ARF
Measuring Convergence: How to Scale and Measure Across Screens
9:15 – 9:45am
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
A Path to a Multiplatform Solution
In September 2012, ESPN, Arbitron, and comScore announced an
ambitious initiative to measure display, video and audio content
across five platforms on a continuous basis. The goal was to build
the first iteration of this national cross-platform measurement
system by summer of 2013 - and they are currently on track to meet
that goal. Hear an update on ESPN’s vision for a cross-platform
solution, the status of the project and some early findings!
Artie Bulgrin – SVP, Research + Analytics, ESPN, Inc.
Carol Edwards - SVP, Sales & Marketing, Cross-Platform Services, Arbitron Inc.
Glenn Enoch - VP, Integrated Media Research, ESPN, Inc.
Joan FitzGerald – VP, Television and Cross-Media Solutions, comScore, Inc.
New Measurement Solutions: Mobile, Cross Platform, and Big Data
9:45 – 10:15am
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Panel Mobile: How Do We Know It’s Working?
Consumers worldwide are rapidly shifting their media consumption to mobile devices. The lessons of the past 20 years of measuring PC based digital audiences are helpful in understanding this behavior. But the unique characteristics of mobile media also introduce a new range of measurement needs and complexities. Mobile industry leaders discuss early progress and challenges ahead.

Mary Ellen Gordon – Head of Industry Insights, Marketing, Flurry
Gunnard Johnson – Director of Advertising Research, Google, Inc.
Christian Kugel – VP, Consumer Analytics & Research, AOL
Jonathan Carson – Digital Executive & Entrepreneur
10:15 – 10:45am
Foyer, 6th Floor
Meet & Greet
Brought to you by Triton Digital
10:45 – 11:15am
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
How Can Big Data Move Research Forward?
How do we define big data? How has it led to a major insight or solution at your company? What effect will big data have on the research industry? A team of experts in media, marketing and data science answer these (and other) compelling questions.
Aaron Fetters – Director, Insights and Analytics Solutions Center, Kellogg Company
Gian Fulgoni – Chairman and Co-Founder, comScore, Inc.
Nishat Mehta – EVP of Global Partnerships, dunnhumby
Bill Pink – Senior Partner of Client Solutions, Millward Brown
Robert Tas – Managing Director – Head of Digital Marketing, JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Dave Morgan – CEO, Simulmedia, Inc.
11:15 – 11:45am
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Keynote Presentation
What Measurement of The Future Looks Like
Winning in the future requires mastering convergence and putting in place measurement that follows consumer behavior and impact across all screens. From new currency to new APIs and more, learn about measurement innovations and partnerships that are driving better understanding of how people consume experiences across screens and how brands can most meaningfully create experiences in this new world.
Laura Desmond – CEO, Starcom MediaVest Group


Experiential Learning: From the Frontline, Hear Stories Told and Lessons Learned From Industry Leaders
11:50am – 12:20pm
Shubert, 6th Floor
Marketing ROI – The $200bn Opportunity
McKinsey’s Marketing ROI practice shares new research on the five keys to embracing Marketing ROI.

Jonathan Gordon – Principal, McKinsey & Company
Majestic, 6th Floor Maximizing the Online Video Viewer and Advertiser Experience
Learn how AOL is optimizing the consumer experience with online video to provide maximum value.

Joe Blechman – Sr. Manager, Consumer Research & Analytics, AOL
Cortney Henseler – Director, Consumer Reearch & Analytics, AOL
Empire, 7th Floor Our Love Affair with Mobile Devices: It’s Complicated
Consumers’ strong emotional attachment to their smartphones and tablets have reshaped the way they think about their devices.

Michael Green – SVP Strategy, Sterling Brands
Scott Kerr – Senior Director, Time Inc.

Manhattan, 8th Floor Addressable Advertising
Find out how Allstate used large scale household level addressable advertising to generate noteworthy business results.

Kira Clifton – Strategy Director, Starcom Worldwide
Lauren Hadley – Associate Research Director, Starcom Worldwide
12:25 – 12:55pm
Shubert, 6th Floor
Current Practice in Advertising ROI
Gain an in-depth review into the current state of advertising ROI practices with recommendations on areas for improvement.

Dave Poltrack – Chief Research Officer, CBS; President, CBS VISION
Jim Spaeth – Founding Partner, Sequent Partners/Media Behavior Institute
Alice Sylvester – COO, Sequent Partners/Media Behavior Institute
Majestic, 6th Floor Assembling Modular Mobile Surveys to Create Full Datasets
How can researchers conduct their own respondent matching or data imputation for missing data as opposed to simple mean imputation?

Edward (Paul) Johnson – Director of Analytics, Survey Sampling International

Empire, 7th Floor The Connected Shopper: Engaging Through Devices
Learn how now, more than ever, consumers are using smartphones, tablets, and PCs simultaneously to shop at home, in stores, and more.

Brandon Burr - Sr. Manager, Enterprise West, comScore, Inc.
Scott Hendrickson – Head of Advertising Solutions, PayPal Media Network
Manhattan, 8th Floor In the Eye of the Beholder: The Equality of Ad Effectiveness
Ads generate similar results across platforms yet ad recall may differ. Learn why and how.

Justin Fromm – Executive Director, ABC Television Network
Amy Innerfield – VP, Custom Research Director, Zenith Media


1:00 – 2:00pm
Broadway Ballroom, 6th Floor
Nosh and Network
Join your colleagues for moderated discussions by leading thinkers to follow-up the key issues raised in the morning panels.