Audience Measurement 5.0

Audience Measurement 5.0

June 22-23, 2010
Millennium Broadway Hotel, New York City

The way consumers use media is changing at an unprecedented rate. Knowing the latest developments in audience composition and measurement across platforms is critical to ensuring your company's money is spent most effectively. Get up-to-the-minute on the latest evaluation approaches and technology at The ARF's Audience Measurement Symposium.

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Discover America’s changing mainstream
–Keynote Dr. Robert Groves, Director of the U.S. Census Bureau previews the results of the 2010 Census; the impact on media audience measurement will be profound

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Separate talk from action
– Keynote Kathy Kline, Starcom Director of Human Experience turns industry norms on edge and puts the drive to find the motives and emotional drivers behind consumers media choices on the hot seat.

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Preview what’s next in cross-platform measurement
– Keynote Artie Bulgrin, Senior Vice President of Research + Analytics, ESPN, Inc. provides an overview of ESPN XP, the project-in-progress counting audiences to each media platform, determining cross-platform effects and measuring advertising effectiveness.

Discover how to attain the most effective ad spend possible – An intense CMO smackdown of major marketers closes the loop on cross-media ROI.

Get real about cross-media metrics – 5 panelists from MTV, Rentrak, Carat, Sapient and Starcom debate timing, delivery and cost valuation of 360º media.

Get a grip on social media – Like all 360º media, social media continues to evolve rapidly. Facebook is set to aggregate other social sites for a more robust social media platform. How will it be measured? Panelists from Facebook, Starcom, Yahoo! and Keller Fay Group take you to this new dimension.

Plus, 32 proprietary papers selected from over 80 submissions form the central core of new learning that is the hallmark of AM 5.0.


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