Audience Measurement 4.0 Key Issue Forums

Audience Measurement 4.0 Key Issue Forums

Wednesday, June 24

Tuesday, June 23



Attend one of five parallel tracks of Key Issue Forums with 4 papers per track. Sessions run concurrently with each track consisting of four presentations followed by Q&A.


Global, Three-Screen & Measurement Perspectives

MODERATOR: Jen Soch – VP Activation Director, Advanced TV, MediaVest

Television, Online, Mobile: A Deep Dive into the Three Screen Experience
Three-platform content adoption trends and ad effectiveness results from the Nielsen-CTAM study are explored.
Tim Brooks – Former Chairperson, Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) Research Committee
Christie Kawada, Ph.D. – VP, Strategic Marketing Science, Nielsen Entertainment, The Nielsen Company

Mobile Media Measurement using the World’s Largest Wireless Bill Panel
Direct measurement of mobile media audiences and advertising through Nielsen’s 60,000-line wireless bill panel is reviewed.
Susan Marshall – Vice President, Marketing, ChaCha Search, Inc.
Julia Resnick – Vice President, Mobile Media Solutions, The Nielsen Company

Mobile Media and Census Level Metrics
UK mobile operators discuss how they put their differences aside to create the Measurement Standard for Mobile.
Cameron Meierhoefer – EVP, Analytics, comScore, Inc.
Brad Greene – VP Business Development, GSM Association

Innovation in Mobile TV Measurement: TV on Mobile Phone and in the Car
Discover how TV measurement has been advancing in Korea, the newest high technology country.
Gyungsook Min – CEO, TNS Media Korea


Filling Consumer Measurement Gaps

MODERATOR: Ed Keller – CEO, Keller Fay Group

You Can Plan Media for Word of Mouth
Learn how to plan word of mouth campaigns for specific advertiser brands, cable channels, publications, and websites.
Brad Fay – COO, Keller Fay Group
Graeme Hutton – SVP - Consumer Insights Director, Universal McCann

Ethnography Meets the Digital Age
Discover how “Day in the Life” studies can deliver a deeper understanding of consumer aspirations and attitudes – with consumers in the driver’s seat!.
Karen Benezra –  VP, Executive Director, Nielsen Life360, The Nielsen Company
Cheri Marine – Research Product Planner, eHome Team, Microsoft Corp.

EYES ON has Became a Reality
Learn how EYES ON visibility research drove out-of-home currency measurement from OTS to audiences noticing advertising.
Erwin Ephron – Principal, Ephron, Papazian, Ephron, Inc.
Joseph C. Philport – President & CEO, The Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement.

Understanding Television Viewing Among Multi-Cultural Consumers
Discover how “Return Path Data” can help marketers and agencies measure viewer interaction with English-language programming on foreign language networks.
Bud Breheney – SVP, Sales & Business Development, TNS Media Research
George Shababb – President, TNS Media Research


International Measurement Success Stories

MODERATOR: Jonathan Carson – President - International, Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company

Cross-Media Measurement by Centralized Data Collection of Comparable Data
Learn how Telecontrol’s UMS measurement system meets all requirements for measuring cross-media platforms with a single data collection point.
Daniel Battiston – Managing Director, GfK Telecontrol AG
Tanja Hackenbruch – Managing Director, GfK Telecontrol AG

The Growth of TV Consumption
Find out why television consumption is alive and well despite new media usage.
Jacques Braun – Vice President, EurodataTV Worldwide

The China Case: Overcoming Challenges in Launching Audience Measurement Systems Internationally
Discover the unique characteristics of the Chinese Internet market, the methodology behind its measurement and the data that Nielsen is now producing.
Charles Buchwalter – SVP, Research & Analytics, Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company
Jonathan Carson – President – International, Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company

PPM in Norway: Experiences After 3 years as Currency
Find out why PPM measurement has had a major impact on advertising sales, radio programming and music scheduling in Norway since its introduction in 2006.
Dag Andersen – Research Manager, P4
Martin Mølmen – Strategic Advisor, P4


The World of Social Media & Search Measurement

MODERATOR: Radha Subramanyam – Global Insight Strategy Leader, Yahoo!

How Social Media Works
Learn about Conversation Impact™, and how it can be used to evaluate the ability of social media to deliver quantitative results for brand positioning, preference and action.
John Bell – Global Managing Director, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
Irfan Kamal – Vice President, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

What We Know About the Viral Nature of Widgets
Learn what makes widget propagation successful and how that propagation can generate a positive ROI.
Marc Sanford, Ph.D. – Consultant, Strategy & Analytics, Razorfish
Sandy Schlee, Ph.D. – Analytics Director, Razorfish

Social Networks and Marketing Response
Discover how social media works independently and in tandem with other channels to drive sales results.
E. Craig Stacey, Ph.D. – Partner, MarketShare Partners

What Television Networks Can Learn from Search Engines: Pricing and Ordering Ads to Maximize Advertiser Welfare
Learn how to use an ad quality algorithm, within a network auction, to match advertisers with ad slots.
Kenneth Wilbur – Assistant Professor of Marketing, Duke University Fuqua School of Business


Digital Measurement Breakthroughs

MODERATOR: Giovanni Fabris – Principal/Consultant, Fabris Media Marketing Services

Video on Demand - A Measurement Breakthrough for the UK
Find out how the UK led the world in activating VOD viewer reporting on digital cable platforms using BARB as currency. 
Marco Barbaccia – Operation and Development Director, AGB Nielsen Media Research – UK

Measuring the Impact of DVR on TV Viewership
Find out what Google and DISH Network have learned about how DVR changes viewer behavior.
Steve Lanning – VP, Analytics, DISH Network
Dan Zigmond – Engineering Manager & Technical Lead, Google

Rich Media Video Ads Boost Branding Goals
DoubleClick and Dynamic Logic explore the branding impact of rich media versus simple Flash and image formats.
Sally Cole – Business Marketing Manager, DoubleClick Rich Media, Google
Amy Fayer – Research Manager, Custom Solutions Group, Dynamic Logic, Millward Brown
Leah Spalding – Advertising Intelligence Manager, Google

20/20 Advertising: Targeting the Mind of Your Consumer
AMC Network discusses how their AIM initiative uses consumer behavior and lifestyle data to drive viewer purchases.
Sean Fassett – VP Research, AMC Network/Rainbow Media
Christie Kawada, Ph.D. – VP, Strategic Marketing Science, Nielsen Entertainment, The Nielsen Company

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Wednesday, June 24



Attend one of five concurrent tracks of Key Issue Forum research presentations, with three papers presented in each track, followed by Q&A. Also, the session, “What we know about Advertising: Implications for Management and Measurement,” runs concurrent with the Key Issue Forums.


Accountability and Measuring ROI

MODERATOR: Giovanni Fabris – Principal/Consultant, Fabris Media Marketing Services

Measuring & Maximizing ROI by Deconstructing Household Causals
Learn how targeting U.S. “sales-responders” (i.e., heavy swing purchasers), has become the most reliable way to increase ROI.
Bill Harvey – Founder & President, TRA, Inc.
Laurent Larguinat – Catalyst Business Development Director, Mars, Inc.

The Role of Offline and Online Media in Driving Internet Search Behavior and Sales
Learn how Internet search behavior impacts traditional marketing mix models, causing them to understate both online and offline media effects.
Wes Nichols – CEO, MarketShare Partners
Angela Reynar – Advertiser Research Manager, Google, Inc

A New Accountability: Holding Targeters to Their Targets
Learn how a correctly measured ad network can increase the accountability of ads distributed through websites.
Jon Gibs – Vice President, Media Analytics, Nielsen Online


The Value of Cross-Media, Engagement & Influencer Marketing

MODERATOR: Richard Marks – Global Head, TNS Media Research

Contemporary Cross-Media Marketing Measures - Engagement Technologies for a Changed Economy
Learn how a Wall Street Journal Office Network validity study for Blackberry predicts brand value, engagement and sales for cross-media planning.
Jim Harris – CEO, Wall Street Journal Office Network
Robert Passikoff – Founder & President, Brand Keys, Inc.

Engagement with In-Game Advertising
Find out how the effectiveness of in-game advertising can be measured using neuro-marketing research techniques.
Dan Berlin – Senior Research Associate, OTOinsights
Jeremi Karnell – President, One to One Interactive & Managing Director, OTOinsights

The Marketing Value of Influencers
Discover a new analytical framework for assessing influencer value of word of mouth and the role that media plays in activating influencers.
Ed Keller – CEO, Keller Fay Group
Gregg Liebman – Senior Vice President, CNN


Lessons Learned: Innovation in Panel-Census Measurement

MODERATOR: Mainak Mazumdar – SVP, Measurement Science, Emerging Media, The Nielsen Company

Hybrid: Innovation in Panel and Census Integration
Nielsen unveils its latest innovation—commingling panel with census information, and provides best practices for integration.
Gilles Duterque – VP, Measurement Science, Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company
Mainak Mazumdar – SVP, Measurement Science, Emerging Media, The Nielsen Company
Herbert Stackhouse – Research Manager, Nielsen Online, The Nielsen Company

How Online Advertising Works: Wither the Click, Part II
comScore will update results on the “view thru” impact of online advertising from the second wave of its industry-leading 2009 study.
Evan Neufeld – VP, Ad Effectiveness, comScore, Inc

Building the Panel-Centric Hybrid: Lessons from Canada
Learn how to integrate site-centric data with panel measurement to create next-generation Internet audience measurement.
Josh Chasin – Chief Research Officer, comScore, Inc.
Dr. Pasquale Pellegrini – Vice President, Research, comScore, Inc.


Audience Fragmentation, Commercial Tune-Away & the Decay of Digital Advertising

MODERATOR: Greg Kahn – SVP, Strategic Insights, Optimedia International

Commercial Tune Away as a Function of Message Frequency: What Can We Learn About Wearout from the Set-Top-Box?
Learn how a recent TNS study used set top box and return path data to examine commercial tune out as a function of commercial mix and commercial frequency.
Anne Drake – V.P., Client & Advanced Services, TNS Media Research
George Shababb – President, TNS Media Research

The Decay of Digital Advertising
Discover how the branding impact of digital advertising is driven by frequency of exposure, and how the impact of digital advertising decays over time.
Mike Saxon – SVP, Brand & Communications, TNS

Size Does Matter. Measuring the Fragmenting Media Marketplace
Learn how to leverage the viewing patterns of millions to expand new business lines and increase revenue.
Cathy Hetzel – President, AMI Division, Rentrak Corporation
Caroline Horner – Dish Network, GM, Research and Viewer Measurement, Dish Network


Cross-Media Measurement Breakthroughs

MODERATOR: Glenn Enoch – VP, Integrated Media Research, ESPN, Inc.

Fusing the Consumer to Cross Media
Get the first insights from Nielsen's fusion of TV, Internet and Mobile measurement with data from 25,000 MRI and 125,000 Nielsen Homescan consumers.
Glenn Enoch – VP, Integrated Media Research, ESPN, Inc.
| Howard Shimmel – SVP, Media Product Leadership, The Nielsen Company

Will an IPA TouchPoints Initiative Work in the US?
Learn how “best practice” multiplatform measurement may emerge by combining the UK’s IPA TouchPoints experience with video consumer mapping observation research in the US.
Bill Moult – Founding Partner and CEO, Media Behavior Institute
Lynne Robinson – Research Director, IPA: Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (UK)

A Different Media Valuation Approach
Learn how BIGresearch used Simultaneous Media Usage data to implement a new media value allocation model—a critical ingredient in marketplace success.
Martin Block – Professor, Northwestern University

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June 30, 2009
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The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) Audience Measurement 4.0 conference was devoted to helping members get a deeper understanding of how media audiences can be measured, how those measurements can be demonstrated and validated to advertisers, and how those measurements can be translated into increased return on investment for marketers. Speakers and panellists looked at some of the latest developments in audience measurement and talked about the growing importance of cross-media platforms and the standardisation of comparable metrics across multiple media....
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